Thursday, February 28, 2013

12 Month Check-Up

Yesterday morning Amelia had her 12 month check-up...something I had been dreading since her 9 month check-up. She did so well during the talking and the check-up. She is such a great, loveable little girl and everyone commented on it during our appointment this morning.

Here are her measurements:
Weight: 22.3 pounds (84%)
Height: 31.5 inches (88%)
Head circumference: 46.7 centimeters (71%)

Amelia is growing perfectly and she is right on the growth curve. We talked about slowly decreasing her formula and increasing her milk intake (milk isn't her favorite thing) and trying to take the bottle away during the day and using it for her morning and night-time feedings. By 15 months she needs to be totally weened off the bottle but the doctor didn't seem worried that we hadn't conquered the bottle just yet.

Amelia didn't seem too excited to hear all about the shots but she was brave and we survived a lot of needles...too many!!
It's crazy to think that we have a toddler, a one year old!  She's such a blessing and we are so thankful!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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Dang You, Hormones!

Ever have that moment as a mother where your maternal instincts fly out of your mouth or certain actions and sometimes they aren't so nice and happy?!  Well this morning during Amelia's 12 month check-up, mama bear came out and she came out in full force. Call it hormones, call it adrenaline but when I knowingly sit and wait for my little one to get shots, I get worked up. I especially was worked up this morning because Jason was suppose to go with me but because he didn't get off until 1am this morning, he stayed home and slept. That's another story but that started mama bear and she kept getting stronger as the morning went on.
Amelia did great at the doctor's appointment and then came the "talk". The doctor explained that we would need to do a finger stick to test for anemia and then Amelia would be getting three shots. In my mind, I thought they would do the stick at the same time as the shots...lets keep the turmoil and pain bundled into one setting. Well, they had other ideas. The finger stick was about 15 minutes before the shots and Amelia did great but she wanted to leave as soon as she calmed down. Trying to hold her still, keep pressure on her bleeding finger and play the waiting game with the nurse administering the shots was enough to send this mama into full-blown attack mode.
The poor nurse came in and the first thing out of my mouth was "I just got her calmed down. I hope that this doesn't drag out any longer." I knew I shouldn't have said it but I couldn't help it. I just got Amelia calmed down and now she was about to get worked up again...UGH!
Shots were quick but by the end we were both bawling. My lips were quivering as she looked at me with tearful eyes. We left the pediatrician's office with tears in our eyes and snot pouring out of our noses. We were a mess! 
We headed straight to Ms. B's and we made sure to get her some food and some medicine. I blew kisses to Amelia on my walk out the door and noticed that she was clinging to Ms. B. She didn't want to be put down and she wanted some extra snuggle time. I wish I would have been able to give her some snuggles...dang work! 
It was about 9:15am and I realized that I didn't eat breakfast and I was starting to get a little shaking. I decided to make a pit stop at McDonald's for a sweet tea and a plain biscuit.

As I'm driving to work, singing along with "God Bless America" and barely able to hold back the tears, I pull up behind a SUV that has IN SHAPE on their license plate. I made sure to enjoy a big slurp of my tea and bite of my biscuit as I passed her, which left me feeling like I won a small victory and then as I passed her I became unsure of my unhealthy breakfast options.

I know I'm pregnant and all but geeze...can't I catch a break. I cry at just about any slow song, feel extra guilty for taking Amelia for her shots and then her leaving her with Ms. B and feeling and feeling unsure and disappointed in my food options.
It's time to get these hormones straightened out. Goodness Sakes Alive!!


  • We booked our flights to Los Angeles for Jason's next vacation. We are going to go visit Jason's family and we are so excited. Amelia will be 15 months and I'll be 5 months pregnant so it should be an interesting journey(or not if we're lucky)
  • Jason is on swing shift this week (11am-??) so we're getting able to spend our mornings together. Amelia loves eating breakfast and playing with her Daddy before school!
  • Food does not sound good to me. I struggle to find something that I can eat and not gag or puke back up. Here lately I've been craving sushi and ginger dipped in wasabi/soy sauce. A co-worker even brought me ginger tea to work yesterday.
  • Amelia has her shots today and I'm dreading them. She got her finger pricked for research last week and it was horrible. She was pushing the nurse away!  I'm hoping I can distract her with some fun toys and yummy food. This will be the first time I won't be nursing her after her shots...ugh!
  • I wish I could blog professionally and get paid to do it. Some days, well most days these days, getting up and ready for work is such a chore. Laying in bed in my pajamas blogging about my life sounds so much more fun and relaxing.
  • It's suppose to be 50 degrees here today...I'm hoping the weather man got it right for once.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monthly Milestones--Month 12

You've been with us for 365 days and I honestly can't believe that we have a toddler. You've graduated out of the infant stage and you are a full-blown toddler. Mommy won't be upset if you slow
down a little, okay?
You've done so much the past month that I'm not sure I can remember it all. You're exploring and doing so much right now. You're F.U.N!
Here are a few snapshots of Mommy trying to get your 12 month picture.

You are the best little eater. You'll try just about anything that we put in front of you. This month you've started noticing different textures and if anything, I mean anything, has a smooth texture like baby food, then it gets spit out. Mommy makes mashed potatoes a little lumpy so you'll eat them. Your favorite foods right now are ravioli, mandarin oranges, cottage cheese and apples. You've even gotten a few cheese puffs (Mommy's morning sickness cure all) and you are slightly obsessed with them. You're still drinking a morning and night bottle but we've started making 1/2 formula and 1/2 milk instead of straight formula. You aren't a fan of straight milk but you'll drink it if it's mixed with formula. You aren't addicted to your bottle but when you are sleepy, you want a baba. We're slowly working with you to get rid of it. We've started giving your milk in a sippy cup and you've done pretty well with it. It's something that will work on over time--we won't just stop it all of a sudden one day.

You wear Huggies size 4 diapers right now. The size 3 still fit and we still have a few left over but we feel more confident putting you in size 4s. Diaper changes have turned into a bucking bronco show and we've had to start holding down your legs and get firm with you. Mommy doesn't seem to have the "look" but the second your Daddy gives you the "look", you immediately lay still.

You're in 12 month clothes (even though the onesie in your picture is 9 months) and you've started wearing some 18 month pants. Mommy is pretty OCD about your socks showing too much when you sit down so we make sure that your pants are long enough on you. You've started wearing shoes everyday to school because you are a full blown walker now. You rarely prefer to be on your feet. You actually started walking at about 11.5 months and now you will occassionally try to run.

Sleep is still awesome. You are in bed by 7:00pm and you're up by 5/5:30am. A few mornings you slept in until 6:30am and you woke up in the best mood (Mommy and Daddy too). Every morning when Mommy goes in to get you, you are standing up and you say "Hi" and then beg to have the puppy in your arms. Walking into your room in the mornings to a happy girl is the best!

Here are some new things that have happened this month:

6th tooth popped through on January 25, 2013
1st step on January 27, 2013.
Went from sitting to standing with no support on January 27, 2013
Rocks and bottle feeds your baby
Plays Patty-Cake
Washes your hands after diaper changes and before snack or dinner time.
7th tooth popped through on February 14, 2013
Officially a walker!
Says "hi" to everyone you meet (pets included); "Mmmm Mmmm" when you take a bite; "No" also tends to come out during playtime
You will go to the gate at the top of the stairs when you are asked, "Do you want to go bye-bye?"
Give kisses to Mommy, Daddy, Nana (over the phone), to your puppies and to your babies
Listens to directions--simple directions
First finger prick on February 22, 2013 for research study
Started picking out clothes that you want to wear
You babble like crazy
Can identify your belly button when asked
You try to put on your socks and shoes
Painting and reading books are your all-time favorite things to do
Love turning the light switch off and on

Happy 12 Month Birthday, Sweet Girl! 
We love you so very much

Mommy and Daddy

Bump Updates: Week 10

How far along: 10 weeks on Sunday, February 24, 2013
How big is baby: The size of a prune

Weight gain/loss: I've actually losed three pounds from the beginning of my pregnancy. My pants are getting snug around my waist and I'm not a fan on the different methods that can be used on your non-maternity clothes so I broke out the maternity pants this week.
Sleep: I'm still extremely tired but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I got a burst of energy on Thursday and made dinner, dessert and cleaned the house. I was a cleaning/cooking/organizing machine and it felt so good!
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Toast and sweet tea (decaf) are my go-to things right now. Eggs and milk tend to make me sick so I'm trying to stay away from them.
Movement: Nothing that is super obvious so I'll just say no for now.
What I'm loving: That the baby's organs are formed and now they are trying to get in working shape. The baby's arms are also getting bigger and taking shape. They are the size of the number "1" right now.
Symptoms: Nausea all morning and afternoon. It seems to calm down around 2-3pm but it's pretty rough in the morning. I'm also waking up every four hours or so to go to the bathroom.
What I'm looking forward to: Getting out of the first trimester and feeling good. I'm ready for cravings and bursts of energy.
Best moment of the week: Emailing the photographer that took Amelia's newborn pictures to see if she could put us on the schedule around September 23rd.
How I'm feeling: Better but not 100%. I'm ready to go back to the doctor in March so I can hear the heartbeat again and know that everything is okay. I don't remember feeling this worry with Amelia but it's in full force with baby #2.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Letter To Amelia Jean

Amelia Jean,

When I called the hospital at 6:00am on February 23, 2012 and told them of my contractions, they immediately told me to come to the hospital so I could be checked out. I hung up the phone and immediately started crying. I was scared to death of the labor and of the unknown. So many thoughts raced through my mind that day as I lay in a hospital bed hooked up to monitors but the second it was time to push, I was ready. I was ready to face my fear, ready to hold my baby and to be a mom.

The second I saw your little body and heard your cry, my world was complete. My fear flew out the window as fast as it arrived and I was complete. A beautiful 8 pound, 3 ounce little girl was healthy, adorable, perfect and she was ours.

The months, weeks and even down to the seconds after your birth has been filled with so much love and joy. I didn't' think it was possible to love so much but you've proven me wrong. Mommy and Daddy have had to grow and change as individuals and together as your parents and we are constantly changing to be the best that we can be for you.

In one year, you've grown into the sweetest little girl. Your kind-heart, along with your independent attitude, fashion sense, nurturing personality and your stubborness are all characterisitics that make you perfect. You're the perfect puzzle piece in our growing family and I can't wait to see what the upcoming months and years will look like.

Here we are as a family...exactly one year apart. February 23, 2012 at 7:06pm on the left and February 23, 2013 at 7:06pm on the right.
Newborn Amelia on the left and 12 month old Amelia on the right.
Happy, Happy Birthday! Amelia truly are the sweetest little girl!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Little Fashionista

As Amelia gets older, her clothing choices become a little more personalized. I still pick out her outfits for school but when she's around the house she has started to put in outfit requests.
  • The other morning she wanted to wear her tutu. She was trying to wear it as a hat but when I showed her how to put it on, she thought she was such a big girl. She kept touching it and flipping up the skirt with her hand as she would walk. How sweet does she look?! 
  • For school that day she ended up wearing a sweet little plaid shirt paired with a jean skirt and adorable penquin tights and red shoes. She wasn't happy about taking off her PJ/tutu combination but her new outfit was so adorable that she didn't seem to mind!
  • This morning she wanted to wear her puffy vest with her diaper. She is fascinated with zippers right now so she loved that she could adjust the zipper height. She looked so cute walking around with her vest on. She even sat down and read a book...she kept looking over and giving me the biggest grin.
  • I changed her out of her puffy vest and into something a little cuter for our 12 month research meeting. This time we went to the hospital because some information had to be videotaped (feedings, playtime and frustrating situations). It was really interesting. Amelia loved sitting in the chair in the waiting room. She looked so big!
We definitely have a little fashionista on our hands and I love it. I love her independence and her fashion sense...good or bad. She looks cute in everything so it's rarely bad...HA!
I might regret saying that one day when all she wants to wear are necklaces and hot pink cowgirl boots but for now, I'm a fan of our little fashionista!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Amelia's Been Up To

Amelia is getting so big and each day I'm amazed at what she is learning and how fast she is growing up.
Here are a few pictures to show what she's been up to:
She kisses her baby all the time. She puts her in her little bed, covers her up and then realizes that she forgot to kiss her and rips her out, kisses her head and starts the process all over. It's funny to watch her when you ask her, "where's your baby?" and she searches the house for her until she can get her and give her kisses.
She loves that she can now walk under the table. She grins from ear to ear as she stands under the table. I have a feeling that we'll be making tents/forts under that table soon.
It was snowing the other day and the snowflakes were huge. Amelia went to the window and was watching the snow fall. She was amazed!  I wonder what was going through her little head!
She looked so big at school the other morning. She loves having her shoes on now but she looks so big with shoes on. I miss my baby girl!
A little boy came in as I was leaving school and Amelia ran to the gate and was saying, "HI" in the sweetest, highest pitch voice. It actually came out sounding like HHHHIIIII. Adorable!
This morning she was in the sweetest little panda outfit that we got from a lady in Missouri. She bought everything from Gymboree and everything that came in all the sets. Today Amelia wore the panda sweater with the matching jeans and socks. She seemed pretty proud of her stylish outfit. Maybe it was the outfit or maybe she knows that she'll be ONE in three days and she'll get cake again?! 

We're Having A Baby, Another Baby!

Almost instantly after delivering Amelia we knew that we wanted another baby. We wanted her to have a sibling, a best friend and a partner in crime. We know how instantly we fell in love with Amelia and how much joy she brings to us on a daily basis and we wanted to add on to that love and joy by having other children.

We had planned on waiting until Amelia was closer to two years old before we were going to start trying to have another baby. I stopped nursing Amelia in November and we talked about birth control options but we didn't make it that far. I wasn't on any birth control after delivering Amelia because the pill (I tried multiple) messed with my milk supply so we decided it was best to provide for Amelia first and to be careful.

Like my first pregnancy, I wasn't expecting anything and I didn't think it too odd that my cycle was a bit off track. I just finished nursing and all my hormones had to get lined out and had to get back on track. Five days late turned into eight days and finally at ten days, I told my mom. She got me all worked up about something that I was told in the hospital about different blood types and possibly needed a shot to make sure that my body didn't try and abort the baby. I FREAKED out and ran to the closest pharmacy.

I bought the smallest, cheapest pack of pregnancy tests that I could find because I knew I wasn't pregnant and I didn't want to spend money on something that would tell me what I already knew.
I came back to the office, went straight to the bathroom, read the directions, followed the directions and sat and waited. I was shocked when the cross formed and I was even more shocked when I looked at the legend and saw that a cross meant a positive pregnancy test.

I cried...sobbed is more like it. Tears of fear, tears of nervousness and tears of the unexpected. My mind started racing... Will Amelia think that she wasn't good enough so we had to have another baby? How will we juggle two kids? How will our hearts house enough love for two babies? How will we be able to show both kids attention and to be sure that one doesn't feel left out? .

I immediately called the doctor and had them look into the different blood types that I was told at the hospital and to my surprise was shocked when I heard that I was verbally given the wrong blood type for Amelia and no shot would be necessary. We're both positive blood types so no shot would be necessary!!

I held it the news until I walked in the door and was greeted by the sweetest little girl and the most handsome husband. I picked her up and just held her tight. She gives the best hugs!! I told Jason to look in my purse for something and that's when he saw the evidence. He smiled and I'm pretty certain all three of us did some sort of a happy dance. Conway family of 4 is something that we've always wanted but something that we didn't think would happen so soon.

I don't really think that it settled in for either of us until we climbed into bed and we were surrounded by quietness. We started talking finances, cars, college funds, saving accounts, our exhaustion level and anything else that came to mind. I don't know about you but we have some of the best conversations when we are in bed--a pitch black room with no distractions.

We went to bed with a lot on our mind and we woke up with a whole new attitude. We are extremely blessed and sometimes God's plans don't mimic our plans and THAT'S OKAY. We are completely in love with our little gummy bear and we can't wait to see what the future holds for our family. Amelia is really into babies right now so we are really working with her and hoping that she remembers some of the soft and nice touches that we are teaching her for September when the baby will make his/her appearance.

We're having another baby seems so weird to type out but maybe it will make it feel more real. So...We're having another baby We're having another baby We're having another baby We're having another baby We're having another baby We're having another baby We're having another baby We're having another baby

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bump Updates: Week 9

How far along: 9 weeks on Sunday, February 17, 2013
How big is baby: The size of a green olive
Weight gain/loss: Nothing yet, even though my pants are getting snug around my waist.
Sleep: I'm still extremely tired but I am starting to get to the point that I can't sleep after so many hours of sleep. This weekend I tried napping when Amelia napped and was only successful 2 out of the 3 times. Thank goodness for makeup because my dark circles are horrible!
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Toast and plain biscuits from McDonald's has been my go-to food. I think carbs sound so good but they don't settle the stomach like I wish they would. Sweets are something that I am trying to stay away from. They don't sound good so I'm staying away while I can.
Movement: Nothing yet.
What I'm loving: That I can see some belly growth and know that with each day our little one is getting bigger and stronger.
Symptoms: Nausea all morning and afternoon. It seems to calm down around 2-3pm but it's pretty rough in the morning. I'm also waking once during the night to go to the bathroom. I had a few days without getting sick and I didn't realize how much I miss it!
What I'm looking forward to: Getting out of the first trimester and feeling good. I'm ready for cravings and bursts of energy.
Best moment of the week: Seeing the baby on ultrasound. I still can't believe we are having another one. Seeing that tiny heart beating and that little gummy bear move around was amazing, simply amazing.
How I'm feeling: Not great but trying to stay positive and upbeat. 3 more weeks until I'm in the second trimester!!

Friday, February 15, 2013


  • It was PJ day at school this morning. We made sure that Amelia had an extra special onesie on under her PJs today. She is really into putting her feet in and out of her clothes. Her pajamas were no exception!
  • I've had two days (with the help of Zofran) without getting sick and now I'm worried. I've been so sick that now that I'm not getting sick, I feel like something isn't right. Crazy?! 
  • Suckers have become a favorite in our house. We were going through her Valentine loot this morning before school and we came across an organic purple sucker. We already had breakfast so we had to give the sucker a try. She loved holding the sucker...she thought she was big stuff!
  • I hate that this picture is dark and blurry but this morning she was trying to act innocent as she was pulling wipes from holder as fast as her little arms would move. I love how I can almost hear her giggle. That smile is so contagious!
  • Jason's work schedule right now is rough!  He's working 14-16 hour days and his next day off is well into March. I'm hoping that some of my morning/all-day sickness calms down so I can manage my rowdy girl by myself.
  • Amelia has graduated out of the scooting stage and she's graduated to a full-fledged walker. She loves to hear the cheers when she reaches something by walking. Yesterday I counted 14 steps. She went all the way from the living room (carpet) into the kitchen (linoleum) with a small pause and start back up without falling.
  • Anytime there is clothing around, Amelia will find a way to get it draped across her neck and on her head. Last night we were doing laundry and she had pulled her whole pile of clothes down and started the draping process.
  • During dinner, I usually go through the mail and separate the important mail from the junk mail. Amelia decided to look through a magazine after dinner as she was playing with a toy that got ina package from Grandpa and Grandma Conway. She was flipping through the magazine and pointing to the different pictures. She acted like she was reading...where did the time go? Where is my baby?
  • I have the ultrasound picture of our little gummy bear hanging on my board at work. I will catch my self staring at it...trying to figure out what he/she will look like, what personality the baby will have, how the baby will fit in with the family, etc.

Birthday Party: Part 2

I didn't want to overload one post with pictures so here is part 2 of the party.
Amelia loved licking the icing off the cupcake...icing was everywhere by the time she finished with her dessert. 

We painted "love bug" rocks with all the kids. Amelia actually did pretty good at getting the purple and pink paint on her rock. She's definitely a crafter like her mama!
When the party was scheduled to be over, we were just now starting on the presents. I'm not sure how the time escaped me, but it did!  Amelia had so many big helpers that enjoyed helping her open her presents.


Amelia first birthday couldn't have been more perfect (except if more family would have been there)!  We had so much fun with all our family and friends and Amelia enjoyed every moment.
Happy Birthday, Baby Love! 

Birthday Party Fun: Part 1

Amelia's 1st birthday party was February 9th because Jason has a crazy call schedule around her actual birthday. We went with a "Valentine" theme with reds, pinks and whites. It was perfect because the stores were packed with fun candies and decorations that went perfect with her party.
Amelia loved having so many people at her party. Danielle came over and took pictures so we could enjoy the party and not worry about pictures. I'm so glad that we set that up because she caught some great moments that I totally missed!
Ms. B and her family came...Amelia didn't know what to think about Ms. B in her house.

Water table fun with her friends!

Love was in the air throughout the day...kisses were being shared all day!

After we ate lunch, we sang Happy Birthday to Amelia!  She didn't know what to think about the big cupcake with a candle so after the song ended, we switched out her jumbo cupcake with a smaller one. She also enjoyed everyone singing. She was just looking around...taking it all in.