Thursday, May 30, 2013

13, 14, 15 Months

Here is what has been going on this month:
Your 8th tooth popped through on March 10, 2013.
You love helping do everything! Your favorite thing to do is to throw things away...even things that aren't garbage.
We went to the doctor for a extremely high fever on March 26th and was told that you had a viral infection. Broke out in a full body rash on 3/30 and it lasted for two days. We also tried to remove some earwax that had built up in your left ear.
Experienced your first Easter egg hunt...and you did great! You loved shaking the eggs to find the goodies inside of them.
Your 1st molar tooth popped through on April 11, 2013
You love playing outside and blowing bubbles
Loud noises--vacuum cleaner, mower, mixer all scare you. You are intrigued but scared at the same time. If you even see the vacuum in the closet, you get scared.
Say "choo choo" when you hear the train
You wear size 4 diapers--Huggies
You wear 12-18 month clothing
You love lunchables, fresh fruit and dipping anything in some sort of dipping sauce

Here is what has been going on this month:
You started wearing the amber teething necklace to help ease the pain with your molars coming through and I can tell a big difference when you wear it versus when you don't.
You are saying choo choo, go, out, shoes, juice, hi, bye, mommy, daddy, dog, Baz, Nana
You are listening to directions and you will usually act out what we tell you to do. Your favorite thing to do is to feed the boys their food. You love dumping their food in their bowls!
Your 2nd molar popped through on April 26, 2012
You love climbing up and down the stairs like a champ...scooting on your booty.
You had your first vacation to California--Disneyland was your favorite!
You wear size 4 diapers--Huggies
You wear 12-18 month clothing
Your 3rd molar popped through on May 16, 2013

Here is what has been going on this month:
You started wanting to walk up the stairs using the spindles as handrails...cue heart attack!
You will hide in the corner when you are going potty
You say "shooo" when you get your diaper changed and you wave your hand in front of your nose
When you burp, you'll cover your mouth and say "oopsie"
You are saying huh, dis (this), dat (that), baby, YaYa (for Kaylee at school), IJah (for Elijah at school).
You can identify your eyes, ears and your belly button. You mostly like to identify everyone else's belly button.
You've started coming to Mommy or Daddy when you get hurt because you need your ouchie kissed
You had your first real boo-boo. You fell and skinned the underneath side of your chin at Hershey Park. You have a little!
You had 15 month check-up on May 30th--three shots and a healthy report.
You started walking the dogs during our morning/evening walks
You love playing in the car--we unroll the windows and you pretend drive the car for the longest time.
You've started picking your nose. I guess I can't say "picking" but you shove your finger up in there pretty good.
Temper tantrums have entered our're getting pretty good at throwing yourself down, arching your back and screaming like a crazy girl!
You love taking showers!  We literally have to drag you out of the bathroom when you get in the shower
You usually ask for toast and cereal with milk for breakfast.
You wear size 4 diapers--Huggies and size 5 diapers during bedtime.

15 Month Check Up

This morning started a little earlier than normal thanks to an explosion, either due to a stomach bug or those dang molars, so we got to enjoy some extra time together. We headed out for a walk with the dogs because the mornings are so much more enjoyable for a nice walk. The temperatures are getting up in the 90s so the evenings can be pretty miserable!
Amelia insisted on walking most of our loop--I seriously bet she walked almost 1/2 a mile before I made her ride a little bit in her stroller. Yes, she's walking Bazzle in her pajamas and her crocs...don't judge.
After a shower, some breakfast and some play time, we were out the door. We got to the doctor's office a little early, which hardly ever happens, so we were able to get in to our appointment a little early. I love being the first patient of the delay to see the doctor.
We made sure to wear an outfit that made shots a little bit easier for us and the nurse. As long as her legs can be reached, then she can keep on the outfit. Makes calming her down a lot easier when she doesn't need to get dressed after all the commotion.
Amelia did so well with the doctor...I was seriously impressed. After our last visit to get some earwax removed, I thought it would be a nightmare but it wasn't. She really responded well to the doctor and we were able to get her stats and to get some wax removed from her ears...YAY!

Here are Amelia's 15 month stats:
Weight: 24.3 pounds
Height: 32 3/8 inches
Head Circumference: 47.3 centimeters
(I forgot to ask what percentage she was in each of these areas but she fit on the growth chart just perfectly)

She ended up getting three shots, two in one leg and one in the other, and it was rough but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. As soon as she got her last band aid we stood up and Amelia stopped crying, said bye-bye and then waved to the nurse.
She literally walked out of the office, to the car and then sat down on the curb. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E
Her 18 month appointment is just a check-up with no shots so I'm already doing better with that appointment in my planner. It's crazy to think that right around that appointment will be when her brother is due. WHAT?!  Three months from now...CRAZY!

I'm so glad to hear such a good report from the doctor. Our little lady is growing exactly how she should...healthy and beautiful!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Word-Filled Wednesday

  • I have so many projects going on in my head right now that if I don't get one of them accomplished by this weekend, I might burst. I don't know what it is about pregnancy but everything seems urgent but yet so difficult to start.
  • Amelia loves to go for a walk around the block with the pups but a few days ago, she realized that she loves to actually get out of her stroller and walk her pup. She walked for about 1/2 a mile with her brother on a leash before she asked to get back in her stroller.
  • Jason is off this weekend BUT he has a full day of training on Saturday that is MANDATORY. Hospitals have the weirdest, oddest schedules for their residents.
  • Regardless of Jason's mandatory training, Amelia and I have a full day of fun planned at a festival. It's a free festival that is just for families with children. There will be face painting, jump houses, pony rides, food and lots more. I'm excited for a day in the sun with my little girl!
  • On a walk the other evening, I stopped to smell some peonies that were just starting to bloom. The lady was outside (which I didn't see) and she said that they were too pretty to leave in one person's yard so she cut me a few buds to put in a vase. They are so beautiful and so fragrant...the perfect addition to the water colors, the bubbles and the love bug rock in the window.
  • Amelia's 15 month check-up is tomorrow and I'm excited to see how much she has grown. My arms are starting to get tired after I hold her for awhile so I know that she's definitely growing but I can't wait to see how much.
  • On the flip side, I'm dreading the appointment because it looks like she's going to be getting some shots. Boo!
  • Babies are everywhere in our house and I do mean everywhere. She has about 5 babies but one of the babies is bigger and more life-like. This weekend I was able to get video and pictures of Amelia wrapping her baby in a blanket, rocking her and singing to her. She held her for a good five minutes before she threw her in her shopping cart and pushed her around the house. It's so amazing to see her caring and nurturing side come out at such a young age. I can't wait to see her with her brother in 4 months!
  • In 31 days my mom will load up her car with all of her necessities, make the 16 hour drive from Missouri to Pennsylvania and be a permanent resident in our home. We're so excited to have her here and I can't wait to watch her relationship with our little ones bloom.
  • My aunt's mastectomy was a success. She did great during surgery and her recovery has been going really good. She has been feeling so good that she might have pushed herself to do laundry/cleaning and then paid for it the next day. We're waiting on the results of the sample that they took from a nearby lymph node but everything else is going smoothly. Thanks for your prayers!
  • I haven't picked/bit off my nails since the first of the month and I'm so proud of myself. I'm a nervous picker/biter and I've been painting and trying to really make an effort to leave them alone.
  • We were able to find someone to take the bed out of the spare bedroom (thanks Kevin and Lacey) so now we can start moving over Amelia's stuff and start getting Barrett's room put together.
Happy Hump Day!  Only a few more days until the weekend...yay for short work weeks!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bump Updates: Week 23

How far along: 23 weeks on Sunday, May 26, 2013
How big is baby: The size of a large mango
Weight gain/loss: I've gained a total of 6 pounds, as of May 15th. I didn't step on the scale this week.
Sleep: Sleep is hit or miss and I've started tossing and turning a little bit more. This weekend was rough because Jason was on night call and I couldn't get comfortable without him there.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Milk has been on the menu for at least two of my meals. I've been craving it...usually with some cereal or a pb&j.
Movement: YES!  Jason was even able to feel him move this week. His kicks are getting stronger!
What I'm loving: That I can feel him move so much throughout the day. The rolling movements are becoming strong kicks and punches.
Symptoms: Right now everything is pretty good. I'm trying to get out and exercise (walk the boys) and I think that it's helping.
What I'm looking forward to: Getting Amelia's bedroom moved into the spare bedroom and then getting the nursery put together.
Best moment of the week: Having Jason feel Barrett. I know it's hard for Jason to connect to the baby like I connect but having him feel Barrett kick multiple times the other night was awesome.
How I'm feeling: Great! The second trimester has been pretty nice to me. It's crazy to think that he'll be here so soon! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Mommy Fail

This week has been exhausting. Amelia has been off. Work has been stressful. Jason was gone when I needed him the most. It has just been rough.

I'm not really sure when Amelia decided to change from her sweet, little, independent self to a super needy, dependent self but she changed and it seems like she changed over night. This change really threw me for a loop.
I tend to just roll with change (or at least I think I do an okay job of this) but this week made me realize how much I need to improve in this area.

This morning Amelia wouldn't let me out of her sight for any amount of time, wouldn't let me go to the bathroom without begging to sit on my lap, wouldn't eat her breakfast without me sitting right beside her, fussed when we had to change her diaper, fussed when we had to get dressed and had a MAJOR meltdown when we had to immediately get in the car seat and couldn't play in the garage.

I finally had enough and I lost it. I raised my voice, said something that wasn't true and immediately saw how it affected my little lady. Her eyes filled with tears and her bottom lip began to quiver... that's when I knew that I messed up. Total mommy fail! 

I immediately grabbed her, kissed her and told her I was sorry but she didn't seem to believe me right away. I hurt her because I lost my temper and it sucked.

I knew the separation anxiety period was coming but after hearing other parents, thought we skipped that phase when her first birthday came and passed. We have definitely entered that phase and I'm hoping that we can use some helpful hints online and in some books to get through it without too many more tears!

I hate feeling like I reverted to child-like behavior and I modeled a poor example to Amelia. I can't beat myself up over this morning or the rough week that we've had but I can take my outburst from this morning and learn from it.

I pray that God gives me patience to handle the situations that are more difficult than others...I'm sure there will many more difficult situations in our future.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Random Ramblings

  • Jason is doing OB/GYN anesthesia this month and he's really enjoying it. He came home last night after working a late day and said that everyone is so emotional and happy during the labor and delivery process. He's played photographer to a lot of new babies born via C-section and it's making him excited and nervous for Barrett's birth. I love that he hasn't gotten so jaded from all the negative that he still gets a "feel-good" feeling sometimes!
  • I'm 22 weeks and 4 days and I feel like I'm carrying really high right now. I snapped a picture this morning at work. I'm loving this Target dress (non-maternity) soft and comfy!
  • Speaking of Target dresses...I've had my eye on a couple for some time now. I'm thinking I'm going to go and get them before they sell out. I have a feeling I'll be living in them this summer.
  • Someone was happy to turn 15 months today!  She was all smiles this morning before school!
  • Amelia is a pretty happy and content little girl but here lately she's definitely showing her independent side and it's exhausting. Every morning she wants to play in her little car in the garage or sit in the driver seat of Mommy's car and play with the steering wheel. Don't worry...the windows are rolled down and the keys aren't in the car! Once we have to load up for school, the screams and the arching of the back begins.
  • I just found out today that my niece, Ana, is ranked #1 out of 342 kids in her class for her brain smarts. She's not only beautiful and athletic but she's smart too...she's going to make someone a good catch one day.
  • The other morning we went on a morning walk and Amelia was in heaven. We didn't even change out of our pajamas and it was the best morning. We saw school buses and trash trucks everywhere...she was a fan!  We sang songs and just talked (aka jabbered) to each was one of the best mornings I've had with my little girl in awhile!
  • My 29th birthday is in a week and a half and I've requested NO presents. All I want is some time (without Amelia attached to my hip) so I can organize the upstairs and downstairs closets. I think this is the first sign that I'm aging...oh my!
  • Amelia was smelling our flowers the other day and I had to get a picture. Not because she looks so sweet smelling the flowers but because you can see her hair. She might not have much hair but what hair she has looks curly and light brown. Sometimes in certain lighting she has a strawberry blond color but I think she'll have brown hair like her Mommy and Daddy.
  • Monday is a holiday and Amelia and I have off so I'm trying to plan something fun for a day out. Jason's on call all weekend so we'll need to be as quiet as possible so he can catch up on some sleep Monday.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Prayer Requests

  • My aunt goes in for a mastectomy tomorrow morning and I know that she would appreciate any length of prayer, big or small, to get her through the surgery and her recovery.
  • The families that were affected by the tornado in Oklahoma. The more I read, the more sad and upset I get. The whole situation is heart breaking...could. not. imagine.
  • My mom goes for her follow up exam the first week of June after her last exam came back "abnormal". Getting a clean bill of health before moving here would be an answered prayer

Our God is so BIG, so STRONG and so MIGHTY, there's NOTHING that my God can't do!

California Vacation: Part 3

After we left the Santa Barbara zoo, we headed to the pier to enjoy the aquarium, some yummy food and the ocean.
When we got there I saw some baskets hanging over the edge and they were down in the ocean. The worker told me that I could try and pull the basket up and maybe I would catch a crab. I started pulling on the rope and wouldn't you know, I caught a crab. I tried to hold it and encourage Amelia to touch the crab but after seeing Mommy panic, she was a little hesitant.

The different touch pools were perfect for her. Amelia loves water so the fact that she had to reach into the water to grab a shell or a starfish was right up her alley.

The seaweed was her favorite, which we were okay with because she couldn't do any permanent damage like she could with a sea cucumber or a crab.

We had a lot of fun at the aquarium...Amelia learned a lot about different animals, on land and sea.
We ate lunch at a place on the pier and then we walked along the pier after lunch so we could work off some of the calories.
How sweet is this picture?  Amelia's smile is hysterical...she loved feeling Grandpa's short, spiky hair.

Smelling the pretty flowers on our walk (even though there weren't any flowers and it was just some tall green plants)
We found a little arcade on our walk and we decided to play some of the games. Amelia helped Mommy play skee ball and she rode the carousel with Grandma. We walked out of there feeling like kings. We won 27 tickets and we cashed them in for a sticker and a plastic bracelet. Amelia thought her prizes were amazing even though they were the cheapest prizes ever!
 We had such a good day...relaxed and had fun all at the same time.
Friday was the day that we flew home so we didn't do too much. We decided to try the red eye going home because the time change was so rough that we thought it would be a little easier on us and Amelia. Friday was filled with trips to the park, naps and a lot of play time with Grandpa, Grandma and Tim.
Just because Tim isn't in any pictures...I took this one as proof that he is still around. Amelia was playing catch with him.
Amelia slept through both flights but her sleeping positions made it extremely hard for Mom and Dad to get any rest.
She woke up in Pennsylvania the happiest little girl. I'd say that she had an amazing vacation...that smile is proof.
Thanks for having us for a week visit, Grandpa and Grandma. Next time we visit, we'll be a family of four!

California Vacation: Part 2

Wednesday, after our morning walk, we got ready for our big adventure....DISNEYLAND!!
Amelia had a Minnie Mouse outfit and a Minnie Mouse doll and she was in heaven. She was ready to have some fun! Chip and Sue live about 1 1/2 hours away from the amusement park and we wanted to beat most of the traffic so we planned on getting there around 10am, right when they opened. At first I was a little hesitant with going because the cost of admission is high and Amelia is so young that she won't remember anything but Jason was pretty set on taking her. He wanted her to enjoy Disneyland, whether she would remember it or not. We were in California to make memories and Disneyland needed to be one of those memories!!

We had to stop and do a little photo shoot before we could get to the fun rides and the yummy treats!  Amelia wasn't interested in looking at the camera with all the kids running around. We passed through Cinderella's castle and the carousel was the first ride that we came to. I don't do good with going around in circles so I let Daddy and Grandma take her!

She loved it! She was all smiles and she was a waving fool to all the people that she passed by as the ride circled the area. Sue said at one point she was like speed waving because she wanted to make sure that she reached as many people as she good with her wave. Goodness, I love that about her. She has the sweetest little personality and it was on full display throughout the day and it started on the carousel. Our next stop was the circus train. I know I've mentioned a time or two that Amelia is obsessed with trains right now so we knew that we wanted to get her on the train.
We decided to take the Wild Animals was fun to be in the cage for a ride around Fantasyland!

Next, we headed to It's a Small World. As you can tell by Amelia's face, she was taking it all in. Her head was turning from side to side just about as fast as her neck would allow. She loved the music and all the moving kids that were singing inside.
She rode with Grandpa and Grandma during the ride and she was in heaven. She was waving to everything...even the little dolls with the blinking eyes. We actually walked right onto this ride...Wednesdays are the best days to go and the traffic was pretty manageable in the park. We probably should have went again before leaving the park but we were pretty exhausted by the evening. There's always a next time, right?!

We grabbed a bite to eat in Fantasyland before we headed to Toon Town. I thought Toon Town would be a lot of fun for her but we decided after we toured Chip and Dale's tree house and Donald Duck's boat that we would go and explore another part of the park.
Daddy and Amelia climbed to the top of the tree house...high, high in the sky!

Mommy took her through the boat...there wasn't much to see or do in the boat but she loved just running through the boat with the bigger kids.
Toon Town was the perfect place to let her run around because there were so many houses/boats/tree houses that she could explore. We didn't stay long in Toon Town because there were so many more areas of the park that we wanted to explore.
We ended up doing Pirates of the Caribbean, a jungle boat ride and we saved the Dumbo ride for the end. We knew we wanted to get her on this ride and I'm so glad that we waited in the 30 minute line because she loved it.
 She was a waving fool on this ride and getting her to look at the camera was pretty much impossible with all that she had to see!
 I love how you can see her sweet little hand waving at Grandpa and Grandma...precious!
We stopped by the front flowers again on our way out of the park so we could get a family picture. Can you believe we made it 8 hours in Disneyland with a 14 month old, no naps and no meltdowns?!  We had such an amazing day...another visit is definitely something on our to-do list!!
Thursday we headed to the Santa Barbara zoo. We didn't really have an agenda so once we all woke up and got ready, then we headed out.
We got distracted by the play area right when you walk in...we had to stop, of course, and play for a little bit before we went and explored the zoo.

 Amelia loved on her Grandpa the zoo trip and I don't think he minded one bit. I love how Jason is in the background with a map...he tends to be the leader when we visit places because he has an awesome sense of direction. I, on the other hand, could get lost in a paper bag. It's pretty ridiculous!
The giraffes were probably my favorite. The male giraffe was separated from the two females because both females gave birth a couple weeks prior to our visit and the babies needed their space. The babies were adorable, soo tiny compared to the adults but so big considering they were only 3 weeks old. I think they were 6 foot tall at birth...yikes! The male was also really neat is it that he's so close to us trying to eat the green vegetation?

 The zoo was the perfect size for families with little ones. There were enough exciting animals to look at but it wasn't so big and packed with people that it took a full day to explore.

The zoo was so much fun! If you look in the distance of our family picture, you can see the ocean. How awesome is that?!  A zoo right on the ocean makes the zoo experience that much better.
After the zoo, we headed to the pier to enjoy some lunch and to enjoy the beach. Stay tuned for the last part of our California vacation.