Thursday, June 27, 2013

Double Digits...88 Days

That's read that title correctly. I have 88 days left until my due date and the fact that it's double digits and in the 80s is crazy to me.
I feel like I just took a pregnancy test and I saw two lines form instantly and now I'm less than 3 months away from holding my little man in my arms.
We have 88 days to....
  • Grow our little Bear as big and as healthy as possible
  • Feel his strong kicks and small hiccups from inside, rather than outside
  • Carry him around everywhere I go
  • Get Amelia more excited about being a big sister
  • Organize and get the house more prepared
  • Enjoy being pregnant
  • Eat a little extra than normal
  • Park in the "expectant mother" parking spots
  • Beam when someone asks me when my due date is
  • Get belly pats from Amelia when she sits on my lap
  • Run to the bathroom more than I would like throughout my day
  • Use my "pregnancy brain" as an excuse for burning dinner
  • Talk to my belly
  • Pray for Barrett and our soon to be expanding family
  • Love on our "only" child a little more
  • Start adding some blues, greens and reds to our very pink toys

We can't wait to meet our little man but our list is pretty long for all the things that we have to complete before he makes his arrival. Counting down the days...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Playing Catch Up (Cute Pictures Included)

Nothing too crazy going on in the Conway household but a couple of cute things happened and I want to remember them so you're getting a non-organized post with some super adorable pictures.

Jason's grandpa came and visited this weekend from Pittsburgh and Amelia loved having someone that she could jabber with, instead of the usual parents. She was a little shy at first but by the end of the weekend, she was sitting on his lap and playing with all of his cool toys (inhalers and nebulizers).
The temperature was miserably hot this weekend so we were either outside in the pool or we were playing in the house where it was nice and cool. Amelia has never been a fan of wearing hats or headbands but for some reason she was determined to wear the hat that matches her swimsuit. She kept pulling on it, which resulted in a nice tilt. I think she looks like the Queen of England with her hat tilted to one side.
After we played in the pool, we came inside to nap. Jason was playing with Amelia and stuck silly putty on his chin and ended up falling asleep with the bright orange silly putty on his chin. I'm not sure what it is about putting silly putty on his face but Amelia loves it so he continues doing it. Well after a good two hour long nap, the putty melted all over his chin and the couch pillow. I couldn't stop laughing...I was cracking up!
As you can tell, he wasn't too happy about the putty stuck to his face or the fact that I was laughing to the point where I couldn't stop. It's hard to see the putty but it's there...ohmygoodness. Just seeing the picture makes me laugh all over again.
We came back from a quick lunch, said goodbye to Grandpa and realized that our air conditioner wasn't kicking on. Cue a freak out moment! We ended up taking cool showers and sitting in front of the fans until bedtime. Why does our air conditioner stop working when we are always in the middle of a heat wave?! Regardless, we tried to make the best out of the situation. We weren't going to call someone on the weekend because the extra charges are ridiculous (we learned our lesson from last year) so that meant we had to tough it out. We didn't sleep the greatest Sunday evening and the first thing I did on Monday morning was call a technician. Thank goodness he came out that morning and was able to find the issue. Not a cheap issue but I think with the temperature in the mid-90s all week, we would have paid just about anything to get our house cool again.
We woke up this morning, without a drop of sweat on us, and looking cute and adorable in "Queen of Pop" popcorn pajamas.
Amelia is doing things every day that amaze me. I constantly catch myself saying "when did you get so big?" or "stop growing, Mil"
Here are some cute pictures from the other morning. I love bubble outfits on little girls in the summer, especially when they have the cutest little legs like our little lady.
This is our last full-time week at Ms. Bs since my mom is moving here this weekend. Amelia will still go to school a couple times a week but she won't be going every day so I tried to get a few pictures of her at school. Amelia will miss seeing Ms. B everyday but she will love being able to stay home and explore new things with Nana.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Fancy Schmancy Date Night

About a month ago we got an invitation to an anesthesiology graduation reception at the Hershey Country Club. We weren't able to go last year because Jason was on call so this year we knew that if his schedule permitted, we wanted to go.
The event was black-tie and just something about those words made me a little hesitant to book a babysitter for Friday evening. I found a super cute dress packed away that I bought for an event when I was pregnant with Amelia and it surprisingly fit so I booked Ms. Lindsey, the babysitter, for a night in with our little girl.
Here is a selfie that we took before we headed out....
We arrived at the Country Club and the view was amazing. It's been awhile since we've had an event at a country club but I forgot how beautiful the view is from the clubhouse overlooking the green holes.
The event started at 6:30pm with a cocktail hour (don't worry, I enjoyed cranberry juice) and then we were seated into the Great Room for dinner and the presentation.
I snuck out during a bit of the presentation and took a picture in the bathroom. 
Barrett is 27 weeks in this picture...I'm really wishing that I would have closed the bathroom doors before I snapped this picture. Oh well!
We had a great night but this mama is not used to staying up, much less out, until 11pm so I was definitely ready to kick off my heels and change into my pajamas. Once the event was over, I was pretty much running to the car (heels in hand).

We had a great night with Jason's colleagues--it was nice to meet all the people that Jason works with. I hear about them a lot so now I have a face to go with the name.

I'm so glad that we got to have a night out...fancy schmancy date night at that!

Bump Updates: Week 27

How far along: 27 weeks on Sunday, June 23, 2013
How big is baby: The size of a cauliflower (approximately 2 pounds)

Weight gain/loss: I've gained a total of 11 pounds, as of June 12th.
Sleep: Sleep has been about the same. Not tossing around as much but still getting up a couple times during the night to go to the bathroom. I've now started rolling versus sitting up to get out of!
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really. There isn't much that I'm staying away from.
Movement: YES!  We can feel him through my skin now. He's getting so strong and active.
What I'm loving: That I'm finally in the third trimester. The first two trimesters flew by so fast and we're so much closer to meeting our little man.
Symptoms: This week has been pretty good. I'm getting tired, out of breath faster but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that it has been close to 90-95 degrees.
What I'm looking forward to: Getting his bedding from the lady that made Amelia's bedding. It should be here in a couple of weeks (first of July).
Best moment of the week: Attending a graduation for some of Jason's colleagues and having a couple people mention that I was "all belly". LOVED hearing this because with Amelia I was all over so this made me feel great.
How I'm feeling: I am actually feeling great. I catch myself getting overwhelmed with my to-do list, especially since my mom is 5 days away from moving in and we haven't done anything to prepare but I'm feeling great.

Friday, June 21, 2013


  • Tickets to Missouri for our November trip were purchased today. We will be traveling with an 18 month old (on our lap) and a 5-6 week old (on our lap)...sure glad that we aren't afraid of a little chaos! One thing marked off the to-do list!
  • My mom gave her two-week notice on Monday so we have 8 days until we will have another family member in our house. I wish I was more prepared for her arrival but we'll just make her little space more organized once she gets here.
  • Since my mom is coming, we had to talk with Ms. B about dropping Amelia down to part-time status starting in July. This conversation was so hard for me...very emotional. We had a great conversation and we feel like we agreed on a great setup for the kids.
  • Tonight we are going to a graduation for some of the residents. The event is black tie and I still haven't decided what I'm wearing...not a good sign. Just a week shy of 7 months and nothing looks how I want it to look on my growing front side.
  • I'm researching pediatric dentists in the area for Amelia. I'd like to get her in for her first appointment before her brother arrives. How is it even possible that my little lady is old enough to see the dentist?!
  • Amelia was determined to put her shoes on by herself this morning. She did not want help and then got so frustrated when she couldn't figure the strap out.
  • I'm taking some of Amelia's baby clothes to a local consignment shop today. I'm thinking this might be easier than storing them and having a yard sale. I'm hoping that they offer a fair price.
  • Jason's grandpa will be spending the weekend with us. He hasn't been to Hershey in awhile so he thought it was time for a visit. Amelia will love having him here...she'll love showing him all of her cool tricks.
  • We sold our coffee table last night to the same person that bought our kitchen table. It's good to have it gone and a little bit of room to get things ready for my mom.
  • How is it already June 22nd. The first day of summer came and gone. The longest day of the year came and gone. The days start getting shorter from this day forward...WHAT?!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


....always looking for an adventure and dedicated to finding it, even if that means unrolling a whole roll of Charmin toilet paper and then proceeding to drag it through the house and roll around in it.
....not afraid to explore different textures and to get her hands dirty, even if that means practically rolling around in the homemade moon dough and tossing it all over Mommy's freshly swept floor.

....courageous enough to be a leader, a fast-paced, energetic leader, even if that means taking the lead to jump around like a crazy girl on the rocking chair while everyone else feels like taking a nap.

....focused on lending a helping hand whenever the situation arises, even if that means pruning the morning glories until there are very few morning glories left.
....captivated by the smallest, yet most exciting things on any given day, even if that means sitting on the top of the couch and doing some damage to the window blinds because they were blocking the bunny from her view.
....fearless of stopping throughout the day for a much needed break, even if that means Mommy has to refrain from running to the bathroom every 20 minutes so we can have some great snuggle time.
She is everything that we've ever wanted in a little girl, perfect in every way. She's stubborn, sweet, loving, attached, determined, focused, fearless, spoiled and the list goes on but she's such a blessing to our family and we love seeing more and more of her individual characteristics shine as she gets older.
She is....our Amelia Jean!

Father's Day Preparations

I was just looking through my pictures and realized that I didn't document our weekend that we spent making Father's Day presents.
We started out the morning by making Jason's stepping stone for his "garden". Amelia loves to be right in the middle of a good project so I knew that she would love making this stone.
Her favorite thing was to push the mosaic tiles into the mold. Notice with each picture she has less and less clothing on. She loved pushing in the pieces but she didn't like getting the cement on her hands so she would wipe it off on her pajamas. Not cool when her pajamas are so adorable!
It took so much self control to not make a cute design and "help" out Amelia with the placement of her mosaic tiles but watching her pick out the perfect piece and placing it in the perfect spot was too good to try and "fix". Some pieces were pushed all the way down to the bottom of the stone and others were barely pushed in at all.
Watching the stepping stone dry throughout the day made Amelia feel like she had accomplished so much. Throughout the day, she would go to the back door and ask to go outside to check on her stone. I love that she put so much effort and thought into her Daddy's gift.
We took a little bit of a morning break from our crafting...we needed to get out and get some exercise. On our walk, we saw that the girls next door were having a yard sale. What yard sale is complete without cupcakes, lemonade and sno-cones?!  Perfect combination if you ask me!
We finished our walk but knew that we needed to go and visit the sale ASAP. Amelia decided to go to the yard sale in fashion...she drove her little car!

We ended up enjoying all the tasty treats that they had to offer and only ended up spending $1.50. Amelia loved the sno-cones but she loved being with the older girls just as much. She was dancing to their music and definitely showing off. The girls thought it was funny when Amelia would hum and sing along to the songs on the radio...such a show off!
By the end of the afternoon we only had one more project...birdhouses. We got her picnic table covered with a trash bag, got a painting smock on and headed outside. She loved painting her birdhouses for her Daddy and her Grandpas.

Our projects turned out adorable and Jason loved opening them up this past weekend. The stone is already outside in his "garden" and the birdhouse will be hanging from the tree as soon as we get some twine. Daddy has already found the perfect spot for it!
I love that Amelia loves to do projects and she puts so much effort and gives them so much attention. Homemade gifts are my favorite to receive and I think that others appreciate them too.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend

We couldn't have asked for nicer weather this weekend. The sun was out but so were the clouds so even though it was warm, the clouds would cover the sun at just the right moment and we'd get a little bit of relief.
Amelia could live outside and on weekends like the previous one, we pretty much do. I'm not sure we could get one more kid toy on the back deck. Her pool takes up the whole middle section and it doesn't leave much room for any chairs so I did what any good mom would do and made myself comfortable in her pool. The water was freezing but Amelia loved that Mommy was outside in her pool with her. I'm not so sure what the neighbors thought of Big Mama in a suit, sitting in a snake kiddie pool and sipping on her iced tea but we enjoyed ourselves.
Jason was on call Friday night so he got in some good sleep while we were outside...perfect for everyone!
The neighbor dog was barking at us and Amelia was telling him to be quiet. I love that stern little face, that pointy finger and that round little belly sticking out of that suit. Speaking of her suit...I got it at a yard sale for 50 cents and am so glad that I went against my instincts. Amelia usually wears one piece suits but we broke the cycle this weekend. She looks so big and grown up...tear.
The sun wore us out and after some lunch, we decided it was time for a nap. I wasn't sure how long she would sleep for and I'm getting really attached to our nap time together so we made ourselves comfy in the big chair. I won't get to snuggle with her quite as much when Barrett arrives so I'm trying to soak in as much of my big girl as possible.
Amelia ended up napping for 2.5 hours and we had to wake her up so we could go to Kinley's birthday party.
Amelia had a great time running around the party, eating fresh strawberries and playing ladder ball with the older kids. We loved watching her interact with the other kids...she was slow to warm up to them but once she did, she was chasing them all around the yard.
She even got to enjoy her own little piece of birthday cake. Sister knew she was big stuff...only big girls get to eat cake by themselves and not in a highchair.
We left the party a little later than we thought we would but Amelia was having so much fun that we lost track of time and ended up staying passed her bedtime.
Sunday morning we showered Jason with his presents. Amelia loved helping him open everything...she's at such a fun age right now.
She made a couple of things for him with Ms. B...I couldn't help but crack up at this picture. Sometimes when she is really "cheesin", she grows about four chins. Haha!
He also got this adorable homemade shirt, which he refused to take off. He was so proud of his shirt with the sweetest little handprints on it.
After presents and breakfast, we headed to church. Something about walking into church on Father's Day with his little girl in his arms made Jason walk a little bit taller and prouder. Smitten, I tell you. He is totally smitten with his little lady.
We ran to Panera for lunch after church, came home to nap, took a walk and just spent time relaxing at the house. I was able to capture the sweetest video and pictures of these two playing. Their giggles were the best. Who knew that silly putty on Daddy's nose could be so funny?!  Notice the shirt he's wearing...smitten, I tell you!
Our weekend was perfect. Spending our free time together is so nice....even if it means we don't do anything but play in the pool and wrestle on the couch.
I'm so proud of my husband for the amazing dad that he is to Amelia (and soon to be Barrett). I've watched him grow into a man that doesn't mind having a tea party with his little girl, swaddling the craziest looking plastic baby, reading book after book before bed and just showering his little girl with all his love.
Happy Father's Day!

Bump Updates: Week 26

How far along: 26 weeks on Sunday, June 16, 2013
How big is baby: The size of a hothouse cucumber (at least in length) and just shy of 2 pounds
Weight gain/loss: I've gained a total of 11 pounds, as of June 12th.
Sleep: Sleep is hit or miss...when I sleep good then it's good but sometimes it's a struggle to find a comfortable position.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Nothing really. There isn't much that I'm staying away from.
Movement: YES!  We can feel him through my skin now. He's getting so strong and active.
What I'm loving: That we got the curtain rod put up this weekend so now we can start moving Amelia's room over to the bigger room and we can start working on Barrett's nursery.
Symptoms: Still having the pubic pain throughout the day but the tailbone pain has seemed to go away for the time being. A good symptom that I'm having is my nails are growing so fast...YAY!
What I'm looking forward to: Nana moving to Pennsylvania. She is officially coming (separate post to come)
Best moment of the week: Finding out that I passed my gestational diabetes test and my iron levels were perfect.
How I'm feeling: Pretty good with little spurts of uncomfortable moments. I feel like I have moments where I waddle but other than that, I'm feeling good.

Just for comparison...Amelia on the left and Barrett on the right. I'm in a maternity dress on the left and sometimes that can make the bump look bigger but I feel like I'm "rounder" with Barrett and more concentrated in the belly region versus being spread all out with Amelia.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Feelings

  • This week has been so good. Mornings with my little lady and evenings as a family have given me so much satisfaction and completion this week. I've been trying to soak it all in on good days because when Amelia is in "one of those moods", it's not good for anyone!
  • The doctor told me that "no news is good news" for my glucose test that I took earlier this week but that the results would probably be back by today. I'm going to call this afternoon to see if they came in...just so I can hear the results.
  • My mom went on her annual camping trip with her siblings this week and I'm having withdrawals. I know she's having a great time but I hate not being able to talk to her. I can't wait to talk to her on Sunday to find out all about her camping trip.
  • I've eaten cereal, toast and a peach for dinner twice this week.
  • We've had some crazy thunderstorms this week. Amelia and I sat in the car one morning and practiced her driving skills while we waited for the rain to slow up so I could run her into Ms. B.
  • Amelia has a birthday party to go to on Saturday for her friend, Kinley. I'm excited to see Amelia at a birthday party, other than her own, and playing with other kids her age.
  • Still no progress has been made on the nursery or on moving Amelia's room. Her curtains need hung before anything else can happen and we haven't had time to get the curtain rod hung up. I'm hoping we can do this on Saturday so we can slowly start transition things over.
  • Jason worked late last night and on his last patient there was some miscommunication and he ended up sticking himself with a needle. He spent 2 hours in the ER so he could get his blood drawn and tested. One test came back good and now we are waiting on one more test, which should be in today. He got home around 1am--super tired and frustrated with the whole situation.
  • Amelia missed her daddy since he wasn't home before she went to bed so this morning she was obsessed with snuggling and giving him kisses. She's started making the kiss noise when she gives a kiss...just about the sweetest thing ever.
  • We're already looking into flights for our November vacation to Missouri. It's crazy to think that our family of three will grow to five for that trip. Nana and Barrett will be flying back to Missouri with us...can't wait.
  • Speaking of November--my hubby with be 30!  I really have to get something planned for our trip there. He doesn't want anything but you can't celebrate a birthday, especially a 30th birthday, without some sort of celebration.
  • Father's Day is Sunday so I need to get Jason's things wrapped. Amelia has a few special gifts for him and then we got him so more practical things. I love making him feel special on a day that appreciates him for stepping up and being a great Dad.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

25.5 Week Doctor Appointment

This morning I walked into the doctor's office a little slower. Not that I wasn't excited to hear my little man and to talk with my doctor but I knew I had two things waiting on me....the scale and a glucose drink.
I've been pretty good about exercising, thanks to a friend that encourages walks throughout the week, two pups that love getting outside and a little girl that will jump at any chance to get in her stroller for a ride, but my diet has been pretty hard to control the last couple of weeks. I stepped on the scale and I gained 5 pounds. OH MY GOODNESS. It's still so difficult to get on the scale and know that regardless of what you do, the number will only continue getting larger. I was so tempted to remove my thin flip flops and my shirt over my tank top but I decided not to be ridiculous. After seeing the number, I'm DEFINITELY taking as much off as I can next time. So at week 25.5, I'm up a total of 11 pounds. It's not horrible considering I gained almost double that with Amelia at this stage but I still have 14 weeks to go so I'm hoping we can keep the number down as much as possible.

The second that the nurse sat me down in room #21, I was handed the glorious orange glucose drink. I was told that I had five minutes to finish it from the time that I started drinking and that my blood would need to be drawn exactly one hour from the time that I finished it.
Talk about pressure!  The drink wasn't horrible but just knowing that I had to drink it and I had to drink it within a certain time period made swallowing each mouthful more difficult than it needed to be. The good news is....I didn't get sick and I didn't feel sick during my hour wait. I immediately left the lab after my blood got drawn and headed to get a sweet tea from McDonalds...mama needed some sugar and some caffeine.
Our little guy is measuring right on target and his heart rate was 159...healthy and strong. My next appointment is in three weeks (July 5th) and then I will start going every two weeks. This pregnancy is flying by and I'm getting more and more excited to meet our little man.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Craft Project Inspired By Dr. Conway

Yes, you read that title correctly. Jason came up with a craft for Barrett's nursery...maybe I'm starting to rub off on him more than he realizes. When we found out we were having another baby, Jason came up with the great idea that he would collect the caps off of his medicine that he uses in the operating room. Since Jason is an anesthesiologist, he uses a lot of medicine on his patients to put them to sleep, to keep them stable during surgery and to wake them up them up after the procedure is over. I found this image online of some of the medicine that he can see the colored caps on the top of the bottles.
In 25.5 weeks, he spent so much time in the OR that he was able to collect two bags full of caps and we would use the caps to decorate wooden letters for Barrett's room. We did something very similar for Amelia's room but for her room we used buttons. 
Please excuse the messy table...I'm in the process of updating Amelia's picture books and I'll forget to start on that project if it isn't right on the table where I have a daily reminder.
Here is a close up of the "B". If you look closely some of the caps have writing on them and if you zoom in you can see that they read "paralyzing agent"...HA!  I think the colorful caps will be perfect hanging on Barrett's walls and I love that the caps came from Jason and his patients.
Well done, Dr. Conway, well done!