Wednesday, July 31, 2013

16 Months And 17 Months

16 Month
Your 4th molar popped through on June 9, 2013
You are saying Bradley, Robbie, down, out, 'cuse me (excuse me), oopsie, poo poo, wawa (water), popen (open), poo (pool), yes, peez (please), baby, why?, 
You got a big girl potty and you say "poo poo" and you want to sit down but you don't realize that you need to go to the bathroom on the potty. You get off and then go right beside the potty. You are showing so many good signs about potty training but you aren't quite there.
You are obsessed with the Chuggington app on our phone/iPad. You love the theme song but then get bored with the game pretty much instantly.
You've really started becoming a Mommy to your babies. You wake up and immediately ask for them. You'll wipe them down with wipes, change their diapers (with Mommy's help), sit them on the potty and then wrap them in a blanket.
Everything is "Daddy's"...EVERYTHING!
You started running. It's so cute to see you raise your little legs and go.
You are not a fan of the nursery at church and you throw a major fit when we drop you's so sad
You love to play outside in your pool. You're definitely a water baby.
You know that Barrett's room is for a baby and you'll ask to go in his room and look through all of his things.

17 Month
You are saying Nannie (what you call Nana), flowa (flower), toos (tools), bubbas (bubbles), tree, Babble (Bazzle), Mummy (Muzzy)
You can identify the following animals: dog, bird, bunny, elephant, zebra, lion, giraffe, fish
(the exotic animals are all because you love to read Noah's Ark and Barrett's bedding has circus animals on it)
You are getting pretty good at your animal sounds and you know what noise a cow, duck, dog, monkey, pig and horse say. It's so much fun to quiz you and to hear you answer.
You can identify your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, belly button, boo boos (boobies) and hair.
You've started walking up the stairs and holding on to the side wall. You still slide down the stairs on your booty.
You LOVE to help Mommy and Daddy with anything. You love to help clean, help build with "tools", water the flowers, fold laundry, carry in groceries, etc. Such a big helper!
You enjoy talking on the phone. Whoever calls must go on speakerphone so you can walk through the house with the phone held up to your ear and jabbering a mile a minute.
You got an ouchie on your leg and Mommy bought you princess bandaids. You actually kept it on your leg for a full day without pulling it off.
You started saying your prayers with us during dinner time. You usually want Daddy to hold your hands together and you've started to bow your head and lower your eyes.
You broke through your 13th tooth on July 25, 2013 (your right eye/canine tooth)
You broke through your 14th tooth on July 27, 2013 (your left eye/canine tooth)
You are still a Mommy's girl when you wake up and when you get tired.
You still like to sit on your potty, use your toilet paper and cheer when you feel you did a good job.

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