Friday, July 19, 2013

31 Week Appointment

This morning, bright and early, my mom and I dropped Amelia off at school and headed to my 31 week doctor's appointment. Appointments are every two weeks now, which means that Barrett is getting closer to making his arrival.
I love my doctor because she always keeps the appointment short and sweet but yet does a great job of thoroughly going over any questions that I might have.
I gained 3 pounds over the last 2 weeks...uh oh. These three pounds added to my previous make my total current weight gain to 16.5 pounds. I haven't been able to get out and exercise as much this week because it's been so dang hot but next week, when a cold front blows in, I'm going to really make sure to get out and get active.
Barrett's heart rate was 158 and he's head down. My doctor acted like he would toss around from side to side but he being that I'm 9 weeks out from delivery, he should stay head down.
When she measured my uterus, she also said that I'm measuring a week ahead. Maybe this is just the way little man is situated but hearing her say "32 weeks" instead of 31, made me a little nervous.
I was going to post this picture of me all dressed up for today but decided to keep things real...
The picture of me all dressed up was from yesterday. Fridays at work are "dress down", comfy days and I take full advantage.
9 more weeks, give or take, until we will have our sweet Barrett Albert in our arms. So excited but he needs to grow stronger and healthier in the mean time. Next appointment is August 2nd!

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