Friday, July 12, 2013

Always Reaching Higher

Last night after school, we spent a lot of time on the back porch. The weather was perfect for being outside so we took advantage.
After some time playing in her pool and with her water table, Amelia decided that she wanted to look around the yard for some birds and bunnies. I'm not sure what it is about our subdivision but I swear we house the majority of bunny rabbits in our whole township in our small subdivision. They. Are. Everywhere.
Standing on the deck and peering through the spindles wasn't good enough for her so she decided to take herself higher. She climbed on top of her picnic table (my mom was right beside her) because that made for the best observation deck.
She started out leaning against the railing flat footed and then...
she slowly lifted her heel and curled her foot so that the only thing touching was her toes.
I guess that she could scout out the birds and the bunnies a little easier up on her toes. I love that our little girl is not content with standing flat footed...she is always striving to reach a little bit higher. I hope she always keeps that drive and determination to climb to a higher observation tower, stand on her tippy toes and reach a little bit higher.
Never stop reaching, little lady. Reach high.

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