Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Amelia Updates

  • Someone was a happy girl on Sunday when her Nana arrived safe and sound after a 16 hour drive from Missouri to Pennsylvania. She was so happy to show off all of her toys.
  • This weekend we are going through her toy box and organizing and purging some of her toys. It's starting to get a little ridiculous.
  • The other day at the grocery store I bought some mini M&Ms and they were a major hit. Each evening after dinner Amelia gets 4-5 M&Ms and she puts them in a little bucket. She sits on her couch to enjoy her dessert.
  • My sister requested a picture of Barrett the other day. I was at work so this belly picture is what she desk looks like a big mess because I was right in the middle of about 8 different projects.
  • Amelia looked so sweet for church this past week. She got this dress from Lizzy (a blog friend from California) and I couldn't stop taking pictures of her. She looked so grown up!
  • I'm so glad that Amelia isn't a picky eater and she'll usually try just about anything that we put on her plate. She might not take a second bite but she will taste it. She enjoyed her peaches to their fullest extent at dinner the other evening. She wanted to make sure that she got every last one out of her bowl.
  • Now that my mom is here, I have a little bit more time to focus on getting Barrett's nursery together. We were going through his things and someone decided that she needed to wear his Bob the Builder snow boots and carry around his soft blanket. She LOVED the boots and I had a bit of challenge to get her out of them and into her sandals.
  • It's blueberry season right now so Amelia and Nana met some friends over at the orchard and they picked blueberries. Amelia was in heaven...more blueberries were eaten then were put in her bucket. I'm excited to get home and see how many pounds of fresh blueberries we have!
  • July is going to be a rough month for Jason and just one week in and he's already exhausted. The call schedule has changed from 6a-6a to 4p-1p so by the time he gets home, he doesn't want to nap too long to ensure that he can sleep all night long. He's on call just about every 4-5 days so it should be interesting.

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