Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Right now is proving to be one of those difficult, trying times when raising our child. Amelia is going through some separation anxiety and it's pushing all limits, especially mine.
From the second that she wakes up, she is the most pleasant little girl. She's singing, dancing and just excited to start a new day. She is excited for the new day as long as she is in my arms but the second that I put her down to get ready for work, make breakfast, shower or do anything that would require me to use two hands, look out!
We have entered the stage where Amelia whines, fusses and gets so worked up if I get more than two steps away from her and to say that it's exhausting, is an under statement. I LOVE that she wants to spend time with Mommy and she's a Mommy's girl right now but it has started to take its toll on me. I try talking to her to explain that I need to brush my teeth, shower or go to work but she doesn't seem to comprehend. I hate to see her get so worked up when she knows I'm leaving (it's the worst)...I can't handle the huge crocodile tears and the bear hugs that never end!

How long does this separation anxiety thing last?

My little lady is super attached right now and it's hard on everybody.
I hate to sound so down about it (I love our cuddle time) but I want to document this stage that we are going through. I know it's just a stage and it will pass and one day I'll beg her to sit on my lap and she'll hate every second of it!

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