Friday, July 26, 2013

Blessed Beyond Measure

Since Jason is on call tonight, he got to spend the morning with us. I didn't go into work as early as I normally would on a Friday because I wanted to soak up as much family time as I could. I miss him so much...this month has been so hard without him around and a morning together is just what we needed.
Amelia was pretty excited to have everyone on the walk this morning (Nannie and the pups came too) but she only wanted to hold hands with her Daddy. I don't think he minded one bit...I'm pretty sure he was beaming when she reached up and grabbed his hand. I wish I had a video because shortly after she reached up for his hand, he turned around and gave me the biggest smile and mouthed "look Ash".
She walked a little bit and then wanted to take Jason up on his offer to ride on his shoulders. She thinks her Daddy's hair feels funny and she loves to bend over and give him the biggest smile.

I think most of the mile loop was spent with Amelia on Jason's shoulders, Nannie walking the pups and me pushing an empty stroller. I don't think any of us minded because the weather was perfect for a morning walk and we were all together.
I'm blessed beyond measure with these heart is so extremely full and happy! 

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