Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just A Girl And Her Nannie

We originally started out calling my mom "Grandma" because that is what all the other grandkids call her and I wanted to keep things the same. Well, once Amelia started talking she skipped over the "grand" part and just kept saying "maw". I didn't like the way that it sounded (too much like Honey Boo Boo) so we just started calling my mom, "Nana".
The name "Nana" was fine when Mom lived in Missouri and called every morning but the second that she moved in, Amelia decided to give her little spunky twist to Nana and she started calling her "Nannie".
I guess it goes with Daddy, Mommy, Bazzy, Muzzy and now Nannie (spelled with an 'ie' so she isn't confused for Nanny). It is seriously the cutest thing I've heard!
Amelia is adjusting really well to having another member of the family living under our roof and she will even ask for "Nannie" if mom isn't around when Amelia is looking for her. These two could live outside...they are always in the pool, looking for birds at the bird feeder, walking the dogs, checking the mail, etc.
I love that these two are developing such a strong relationship and I'm overly grateful to have an extra set of hands around the house. Such a blessing and an answered prayer.

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