Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little Eyes

Anytime I get ready for work, I always have an extra set of eyes (and hands) that are watching and pleading to be included in the intriguing grown up activities that she sees each morning. She usually asks for some hairspray in her hair, a spray of perfume on her wrist and makeup for every inch of her body. How can I say NO to this face, especially when she says peez and rubs her hand in a circular motion on her heart (the sign for please)?!
Yesterday morning she couldn't hardly stand the fact that Mommy had her makeup bag on the counter but she couldn't get her hands on it. I took out the makeup that she could make a major mess with, like eye liner and mascara, and the rest of the bag was set down on her level.
She dug through that bag like she knew exactly what she was looking for...a small tube of pink lip gloss. This lip gloss is basically clear with a hint of color but it's a small tube and it's the perfect size for her little hands.
She proceeded to put the makeup on her eyes (more like her eyebrows), her cheeks and she finished off her look by applying it to her lips.
I was reminded yesterday morning that little eyes are always watching, little eyes that have a freshly applied coat of lip gloss applied to them.
Mommy and Daddy have to be sure to be on their best behavior so we can set a good example for her!

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