Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Reason 54,875,253,249

It's no surprise that I love my hubby!  After 10.5 years together, I find more and more reasons why I love him. Yesterday when my phone buzzed with 5 new images, 5 new reasons were added to the "why I love my husband" list.
Jason was on call all weekend and by the luck of the scheduling system, was given off Monday. Amelia has dropped to part-time with Ms. B so she was also off on Monday. Thank goodness Nana was there to snap some pictures of their cuteness...I love seeing these two together!
After their morning walk, they headed to the park and Amelia was in heaven. She developed her love for parks in California when we were visiting Jason's parents and anytime we walk by our park in our subdivision, she begs to go in.
I love how she is holding on to the side rails to walk up the stairs to the top of the slide. She no longer likes to crawl up the stairs...she's too big for that kind of behavior. HA

These two are my heart and seeing them together brings me so much joy. Amelia is a Daddy's girl through and through and I love it!
Not only is Jason a dedicated doctor, who wants the best for his patients, but he is the best husband and father that God could have given myself, Amelia and Barrett.
I love him with all that I have and I am so grateful for his dedication to his family.

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