Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stalking Before 9:00am

This month Jason's call schedule is all out of whack--instead of going into work early, he goes into work in the late afternoon. It's not a bad schedule but it's just different than what he normally does so it has taken some getting used to.
This morning it was so odd to get ready for work and have everyone else lounging around in their pajamas. Made me wish for a later start to my morning! 
As I was making my lunch and getting the last few things loaded up in the car (I'm a crazy errand runner on my lunch break), Jason loaded up Amelia and the boys for a walk. The weather has been so hot and miserable that he wanted to get them out before it got too hot.
Amelia wasn't too happy to leave her mama so when I left for work, I took the long way around the subdivision to find my little walkers. I came around to see this...
Jason had stopped walking and was spraying Amelia down with her little fan sprayer. Adorable!
I pulled up beside them and got the biggest grin and wave from my little girl. I loved driving around the subdivision and looking for them. I couldn't help but beam with happiness when I caught sight of a man pushing a stroller with two little pups.
I definitely loved seeing my hubby taking a walk with his kiddos this morning, even if I had to stalk them out.

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