Monday, July 29, 2013

Surprise Baby Shower

Saturday afternoon I was surprised with a baby shower, like 100% surprised!  I'm really hard to surprise because I'm pretty observant and a little nosey so the fact that my friends and family were able to pull this off is pretty amazing.
Lacey, my mom and Jason got a list of names together for the invitations and then decided on a party at Lacey's house.
The story to get me to the party was:  I had to go and pick Lacey up to take her to get her car. Her car was in the shop and it would be ready at 3:30pm. After we picked up her car, we were going to go to a late lunch with Amelia and my mom. (she later told me that she told me this so I wouldn't show up in a pair of yoga pants and a tank top).
Here are some pictures that were taken before I got there...

Lacey had everyone sign a cute little animal turned out so cute!
We arrived at Lacey's house after a bit of a stall on my mom's part and Amelia wanted to see the kittens so I asked her if we could come in and play with her kitties before picking up her car.
Little did I know when I opened the door that everyone would jump out and yell, "surprise!"

Shocked is the perfect word to describe my initial reaction! Amelia didn't know what to think of everyone jumping out and yelling either but she quickly warmed up to the group! How so many people were able to hide their cars and keep this a secret from me is still a mystery!? 
The food table was filled with some of the best food so we enjoyed a snack before we started playing games and opening presents.


Amelia loved helping Mommy open all the presents for Barrett. She even got a few gifts for herself, which made her beyond excited! The party was so much fun and we got a lot of things for Barrett, including a double stroller, swaddles, wipes/diapers and some adorable clothing.
The party wrapped around 5:45pm and all the visitors that came from the west side of the state came over to the house. We ordered some pizza, salad and dessert and we just sat around talking. The two cousins, Reid and Amelia, had so much fun playing with all of her toys. By the end of the night they were hugging each other goodbye. It was so much fun to have them together...wish they lived a little closer than 4 hours!
I wish I would have known that I was going to be having a baby shower because I would have made sure that I looked cute a put together. I wouldn't have worn jean capris with my messy hair...thank goodness I had makeup on! 
I feel so blessed to have friends and family that put so much effort into a party for me!!  Barrett has just about everything he needs and we have about 7.5 weeks until his due date so I guess I need to get serious with finishing up the nursery and getting him those last minute things!

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