Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Randoms

Yes, another title that includes the word "random". So many of my blog titles include that little word but that's how it is at this stage in our life so I guess I have to be okay with it.
I was off FOUR DAYS for the 4th of July so we had some great days together!

--Amelia helped unload the baby swing from the car on and I was cracking up at her outfit. She found a pair of winter boots that matched her favorite polka dotted vest and she just had to wear them with her 4th of July dress. I love her unique style...I'm not sure she would look bad in anything.
--We carried the swing to Barrett's room and she wanted to show her baby the swing. Notice that the boots are now on her baby and Amelia is trying to show her all the cool little animals.
--Katie, my uncle's wife, is so crafty and she sent Barrett the most adorable painted bucket with all kinds of monogrammed goodies. She made one for Amelia when she was little and it's the perfect little book bucket for her room. Barrett's will match his bedding perfectly...can't wait to see it filled with all his books.
--Friday morning was my 29 week appointment and Amelia got to go along. We were pretty much the only ones in the waiting room but she thought she was big stuff sitting in the chairs and bringing me all the magazines from the side tables.
--We finally were able to mount the TV that my mom brought with her to the living room wall and at the last second decided that we needed a small TV console. After searching multiple stores for the perfect size and perfect priced console, we found a great deal at Wal-Mart. During Amelia's nap, my mom and myself, were able to assemble our new console. Super cute, right?! I'm just a little proud of ourselves for building it without any male supervision.
--Amelia thought that the console was her little playhouse all weekend. We took the shelves out so she could sit in there and play and I think this was the highlight of her weekend. Jason showed her how to make funny faces up against the glass...haha!

--Sunday morning before church we took a walk with Nana and the pups. Daddy was on call all weekend so it was just the girls for a good part of the day. Amelia loves to walk the boys, especially Bazzle, but she gets so distracted by everything that it can take a little longer than I would like to get around the mile loop.
--Daddy and Amelia have the sweetest little relationship and I love seeing it grow with each passing day. Amelia is asking for her daddy from the second she wakes up until she goes to bed at night. I caught them in the middle of some cuddle time yesterday afternoon and it was too sweet to not get a picture. She definitely has her daddy wrapped around her fingers, all ten of them!
--Lacey, a friend from the island and now in Hershey with her resident hubby, gave Amelia a small purse this summer after it didn't sell in a yard sale and Amelia has started filling it up and carrying it around. I love how she tries to carry it up on her arm but how it always seems to fall down into her elbow crevice. She's already taking her role as a little lady seriously...multi-tasking and trying to juggle more than her body will allow.
--I can't say it enough but God has been so good to our family. We have more than we need and we are so blessed. It's hard to look at certain situations as being blessings for our family but man, oh man, those situations have developed into so much more than we ever could have asked for!

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