Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap

I don't have very many pictures from this weekend...shame on me!  Our weekend was filled with projects and it was rainy so it made marking things off the list a little bit easier.
Jason was post-call on Friday so by the time he got home he had worked 26 hours straight and he was exhausted. I guess he wanted to snuggle with his little lady because he wanted to nap with Amelia instead of putting her in her crib. They started out in a super sweet cuddle position but then Amelia struggled to get comfortable and I came home to this....
These two slept like this for 2.5 hours. Don't ask me how they were comfortable enough to lay like this but they must have both been exhausted! 
My Saturday morning started when Jason's alarm went off and I couldn't go back to sleep. Instead of tossing and turning like I usually do, I decided to be a little more productive. I can get so much more accomplished when Amelia is asleep so I started building Barrett's crib.
I don't really know what it is but I love getting out all the pieces of a project, sitting in the floor with all the hardware and trying to decipher the instruction manual. About an hour later, we had a crib. Well sortof...Amelia woke up just before I was able to get the front piece on and she instantly fell in love with her brother's bed. She could climb on and off of his bed all by herself and his room has become a favorite place in the house now.
We finished out the weekend with A LOT of time in the baby's room, A LOT of time going "night night" and getting covered up in the baby's bed and A LOT of time swinging her baby dolls in the baby's swing. It's safe to say that Amelia is a tad obsessed with her baby's room...she requested to go in that room all weekend!
Sunday morning, the sun was out and we were determined to get outside and have a great day. We put on our Sunday best and headed to church. Jason was on call all weekend so just the girls went.
Amelia started freaking out the second we headed down the hallway to the nursery and she refused to go in the classroom. We made it through the music, which she loved, but once the preaching started we headed home. I hate that we couldn't stay but it is what it is.
We finished up our day with some outside chores (mowed the grass, washed the car and watered the flowers) and some pool time on the back deck.
I love our weekends together but I hate it when Jason is away all weekend. This month is pretty painful, in terms of his hours, so we're marking the days off the calendar and looking forward to August.

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