Tuesday, September 17, 2013

18 Months And 19 Months

You are saying mow, dwive (drive), ank oo (thank you), ove oo (love you), wak (walk), ock (rock), tash tuck (trash truck), bus,
You were taught how to give "air 5s" at school so when you do something good, you'll hold your arm up and swing like you're giving a high 5 but without hitting anyone's hand.
You love to go for walks, which I don't know why this surprises me. You'll go and get your shoes and request a walk around the block.
You no longer want to ride in your stroller, instead you want to take your baby and little stroller on the walk.
You broke through your 15th tooth on August 18, 2013 (bottom eye tooth)
You broke through your 16th tooth on August 21, 2013 (bottom eye tooth)
You love sitting in the window to watch the trash trucks and school buses drive by the house.
You are a Mama's girl and you won't let Mommy get too far away from you before you start searching and calling out for her.
Choo Choo Soul (a musical group) has replaced your love for Chuggington. You want the music on and then you want to dance to the music. You usually clap your hands and stop your right foot...so funny!
You love to kiss Mommy's belly, talk to the baby and feel the baby move.
You've started to get a little rough when you play so if someone gives you a sad face, then you'll instantly stop and give them a hug.
You had your 18 month checkup and it was a little traumatic for you. Nannie took you to the doctor and Daddy met you there because Mommy to work. You were aware of your surroundings and you weren't a fan.
You are wearing size 4 diapers during the day and size 5 diapers during bed time.
Shoes, boots and slippers are you latest fashion obsession. You are wearing size 5s with a few size 6s, depending on the style.
You are saying just about anything that you hear but some of my favorite things that you say are jar (car), bug, bues cues (Blues Clues), opo (open), yeah, tash tuck (trash truck), ail an (mail man), pawpaw,
You love to slide on your plastic slide in the back yard and when you want to go outside to slide you go to the back door and say "weee". Mommy should probably correct you but it's too dang cute!
You went pee pee on the potty for the first time on September 8, 2013. We were so proud of you and you were so proud of yourself that you sat down and tried to squeeze out a little bit more.
You have started to ask for your hair to get fixed but the second that Mommy puts a clip or a hair tie in your hair, you immediately take it out.
You found some old movies and one was Blue's Clues. You've requested this movie a lot lately--more for background noise than actual watching but it's still so cute to hear you say "Bues Cues" and do the hand motions.
You have started crossing your arms...hysterical!
You went with Mommy and Nannie to get pedicures and ended up getting your toenails and fingernails painted.  You picked out your own color..purple.
You went pee pee on the potty again on Sunday, September 15, 2013. You were so excited...I hope I never forget your excitement!
You're getting better with asking Daddy and Nannie for things instead of being insistent that Mommy get things for you.
You are in love with your puppies. Every morning you sit on your couch with your blankets and you request that they lay on your legs or to the side of you.
You want to pick out your clothes for the day. Usually we give you a couple of options and you will pick out what you like from our initial picks but here lately, you've wanted to look at all your clothes to find just the right outfit.
Bath time is still one of your favorite times during the day...bubbles and bath toys are just so much fun!
Your favorite food is anything related to cheese...string cheese, cottage cheese, shredded cheese. You ask for it any time the refrigerator door is open.

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