Thursday, September 26, 2013

Getting Settled: Our First Hours and Days At Home

We pulled into the driveway and we were greeted by some yard decorations and two crazy ladies (Mom and Aunt Diane) that were waving and cheering like we were Prince William and Princess Kate.
Amelia's face in the picture cracks me up. It's almost like she's saying, "I'm so over this picture stuff". She definitely looks unimpressed....our little girl is all personality. HA
We really took time during our first hours at home to ensure that Barrett felt comfortable, the dogs were aware of the new baby and that Amelia knew her brother was here to stay but that she had some structure and familiarity throughout the day.

It didn't take long before Amelia was sharing all of her toys with her little brother. Notice the little train on Barrett...that came in a book that he got for his big sister and she has been in love with the book and the little toy figurines. She definitely loves her choo choos so for her to share with him, is amazing!
We had an evening (Thursday) where Jason needed to get out of the house and do something that he enjoyed but being that we just got home with a new baby didn't really feel like a trip was something we wanted to tackle. Washing cars is a stress reliever for him so we all went outside to wash the car. It was a perfect first family experience....Amelia loves helping her daddy wash off the bubbles.
Later that evening, Barrett got his first sponge bath and we attempted to feed him his first bottle. Since I'll be going back to work full-time, we have to make sure that Barrett is comfortable with drinking his milk out of a bottle.

On Friday morning, 3 days post-partum, we decided that we wanted to try and tackle our first family walk around the block. The second time delivering was so much easier on my body and I felt like my old self pretty quickly so I was excited to get outside and get some much needed family time (pups included).
Amelia wasn't sure in the beginning...I was holding Barrett and she wanted to hold my hand. Usually she walks one of the pups or rides in her stroller but she wasn't a fan of either of those options.

Since the walk around our neighborhood is about a mile, she did eventually get in her stroller but she kept a close eye on her little brother.
Our morning walks are something that we are all used to and we want to get Barrett used to them too. Amelia has gotten to the point where she will walk up to us with her shoes in hand, ready to go on a walk. I love this! Outside time, family time is something that we want our kids to experience and love!
Our first few hours and days at home were a challenge. I wish that I could say they were easy and that everything flowed smoothly but they didn't. Amelia fell in love with her little brother from the second that she saw him but she didn't fall in love with the fact that she had to share her Mommy and Daddy's attention with him.
We are very much a family of routine and schedules so I know as soon as we get into a routine, we'll all feel a little more relaxed and stable. We are still getting settled in...probably will always feel like we are getting settled in but things are getting better with each passing day.

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