Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our Hospital Stay: Barrett Albert

Once the epidural wore off enough for me to be able to get out of bed and go to the bathroom, they moved us out of the Labor and Delivery wing and into the Recovery wing.
I was actually pretty surprised at how good I felt after delivery. I showered pretty much after I ate some breakfast and that really helped speed up the recovery. It's amazing what some warm water and smell good body wash can do for a person!! 
Amelia was still at Ms. B's so we really took most of the day to enjoy our new little addition and rest up.
How sweet is that little hat on him?!  My mom made it for him the week he was born...I'm glad she started working on it early!! 

My co-workers were needing a field trip so I got a text asking if I could use some visitors and a Jimmy Johns sandwich. They were all pretty excited to see Barrett and we were pretty excited to show him off.
Our next visitor was by far my favorite visitor...Amelia. She walked into the room pretty hesitant and nervous of the room but the second that she saw Barrett (aka-Baby) in his bed, she immediately warmed up. She didn't like the hospital bed or the fact that I was in the bed so she sat with her Daddy and we introduced Barrett to his big sister.
She was so gentle and loving with him...it was the sweetest moment to watch. She was so curious and intrigued with her little brother and after inspecting every inch of him, she decided that she would give him some kisses.

Amelia wanted to give him his pacifier, change his diaper, put him in his bed and she wanted to do it all by herself. She got a upset when we would try to help her but for the most part, she did amazing.
Our new family of four (I think Amelia's homemade shirt turned out perfect)

Jason decided to take Amelia home and start the nighttime routine (dinner, bath, book and bed) and we got settled in for the evening. My mom stayed the night with me and I'm so glad that she did! Lacey came to visit us after she got off work but I didn't get a picture. Dang, sorry Lacey! She brought a sweet little card and a thing of daisies....the perfect pop of color for our drab room.
The evening didn't go quite like planned...there weren't suppose to be any big surprises, just a lot of baby holding! 
Since I requested to go home after my 24 hours, we had a procedure and some newborn tests that needed to be completed and they used our first night in the hospital to get them done. I was hoping that I would have Jason there with me when they took him away for support and the voice of reason but he wasn't. Instead, I sat there, watched the clock, prayed and couldn't wait to get my baby back in my arms.
At 9:30pm, I hear wailing coming down the hall and I just knew it was my little man. He was so pitiful and it broke my heart. Not how I planned our night at all...I cuddled him, nursed him and tried to keep him as comfortable as possible.

We survived the first night, with minimal tears from the both of us, and we were looking forward to a new day!
Around 11am on Thursday, September 19th, we got the paperwork that we were both approved for discharge.
Jason, Amelia and Aunt Diane all showed up around lunchtime to get our bags packed so we could go home. This is the first time that Amelia would crawl up in bed with Mommy but I guess having the baby with me didn't hurt. She wanted to hold her brother and she didn't let her fear stand in her way.

We got Barrett changed in his coming home outfit and beanie, loaded up all of our bags and made our way off the maternity floor and to our car. It was so surreal being pushed out of the hospital with Barrett in his car seat and Amelia walking with her Daddy.
**Something I want to remember about our walk from the maternity floor to the car--Amelia screamed the WHOLE time. She did not like me in a wheelchair!  She kept saying "No, Mommy" and had the biggest tears in her eyes and streaming down her face. It was too much for her to handle!  Once we got outside and we were waiting on the valet to bring our car, I got out of the wheelchair and she immediately calmed down.
We loaded up both kids and pulled out of the hospital driveway as a family of 4...such an amazing, surreal feeling.

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