Saturday, September 28, 2013

Short And Sweet Recap....10 Days!

A big sister excited for her ONE day old little brother (and the hospital latex gloves)
Mama's milk tastes so good to a growing TWO day old little boy (mouth is always open when he sleeps)
THREE day old little boys are determined to kick out of swaddles for a little more comfort
On day FOUR, our family of four went for our first family walk around the neighborhood
FIVE days later and big sister is still in love with her little brother and it brings Mommy and Daddy so much joy
SIX days of our new family and Amelia discovered a new way to ride on the stroller... big girl style
Newborn pictures were captured when our little man was only SEVEN days old
Barrett's first bath was on day EIGHT and the whole family was involved in making sure every inch of him was clean
NINE day old toes peaking out of the blanket at a weight check-up at the doctor's office
Frozen milk is taking over our freezer only TEN days after Barrett's arrival
It has only been TEN days but I'm speechless at how fast time has flown and how complete our sweet little family feels with our new addition.
Most days and nights are exhausting and I'm not sure how much longer my body can function in survival mode. Each day is full of more memories, laughs and joy that it makes the exhaustion worth it.
Two happy, healthy kiddos makes for one happy Mommy and Daddy!

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