Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Showing The Potty Some Action

Sunday evening right before bath time, Amelia came running into the bathroom and said "poo poo", which is her term for "I need to go to the bathroom". She hasn't really figured out that there are different terms for different actions but we'll work on that!
She will often say, throughout the week, she has to go to the bathroom and we'll get her ready so she can run and sit on her potty chair. She loves to sit on her potty, get a square of toilet paper to wipe with, flush the celebration handle and then wash her hands. She usually does this a couple times a week and nothing happens. We still cheer and show excitement but there isn't anything in the bowl.
Well, on Sunday, the times changed. Amelia sat down on her potty chair and actually went pee pee in her potty. The look on her face was priceless...I wish I would have had my camera. She looked down, realized she was going to the bathroom, looked up with her mouth wide open in awe and then looked down again to admire her big girl actions. I'm not sure my voice has ever been that many octaves above the normal limit before...I was cheering, clapping, screeching and acting all kinds of crazy.
Once she finished, she stood up and ran as fast as her legs would carry her to get her Daddy. It was so cute! She literally dragged him by his hand to the bathroom so she could show him that there was finally something in her potty! I'm pretty sure they did some sort of Happy Dance to celebrate this huge milestone. Not only did they do a dance but he was also giving her M&Ms faster than she knew what to do with them. She normally gets a couple of mini M&Ms for sitting on her potty but Daddy gave her extra for actually going to the potty.

I know that she's super young to start potty training and we aren't pushing/forcing the issue but we also aren't discouraging her from sitting on her potty if she shows interest.
It seems impossible that we have a daughter old enough to go to the bathroom on her big girl potty...tear!

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