Monday, September 9, 2013

Sunday Funday

Sunday was a nice, relaxed family fun day. We had planned on going to church but Amelia insisted on taking a nap at 9am, which is totally unlike her, so we missed our contemporary service. I don't think any of us gave it a second thought...we were all asleep within minutes of Amelia laying down in bed. I'm hoping we can get in a better habit of going to church as a family. Some days are so much easier to get out the door than others and I'm hoping we can make this a good habit!
Anyway...on to the rest of our day!  Once Amelia woke up we decided to make sidewalk paint out of cornstarch, water and some food coloring. Such a great idea--easy clean up, cheap to make and so much fun!  Amelia loved splashing around in the paint mixture but what she really liked was painting our toenails and fingernails. The mixture dried so fast and we could just brush it right off of our hands and feet so we let her paint away. Jason got most of the attention...his color was yellow. HA

The rest of the day we were pretty much outside was such a nice fall day. I snapped this picture of these two loving on each other. I couldn't resist!
Then a little later, I turned the camera around on us. Please ignore the fact that the angle makes us both look chubby cheeked and the fact that I'm looking pretty rough (and LARGE) but my girl actual smiled with me so I had to post it. 
We also took over the sidewalk...yes, we were that family. Amelia was busy with her sidewalk chalk and her car, Jason was trying to find shapes in the clouds, the pups were searching the grass for a fresh piece to mark and Mom and myself were sitting in our chairs enjoying the scenery.
Before dinner, we headed inside. Jason and Amelia decided to switch hats and it was adorable. Amelia wore Daddy's surgical hat and Jason wore Amelia's baking hat.

These two can't get much cuter together...I mean, seriously?! 
We also were going over schedules: work schedules, school schedules, dinner schedules, etc. when Amelia decided that her boo boos on her legs needed some love. When she walks around the block in shorts or a dress, she almost always falls and skins up her knees. We've been keeping her in capris or pants throughout the day because if she sees her knees, she relives the falls and it's not good. Yesterday, she was all about kissing her boo boos to make them better.

We ate dinner and then spent the rest of the evening outside playing on the back porch and cleaning up our shed for winter. Amelia found her little brother's snow boots and insisted on wearing them. She loves boots but these boots are definitely on the top of her list. I don't really want her wearing out Barrett's boots but this was one of those moments where I chose to pick my battles. She loved marching around in them and climbing on her slide so I just sat back, cheered her on and took pictures! 

We had such a fun Sunday with our little family. The weather was perfect, the company was even better and we're one more week closer to meeting our little man.
I just realized after reading back through this post that it's a little random and all over the place but the pictures were too cute to not post.

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