Thursday, September 26, 2013

The BEST Big Helper

I knew that Amelia would be the BEST big sister when I would see her play and take care of her babies but I had no idea that she would be as hands on as she has been.
If Barrett is fussing, Amelia is right there trying to give him a pacifier or trying to pat his back. Sometimes we have to get on to her because she doesn't have the softest touch but we know that her actions come from a place of love and not frustration or jealousy.
Here are just a few pictures that I was able to get of our big helper...
--Wanting to help dad carry the car seat down to the car (with Daddy's help)
--Wanting to push the stroller during our morning walks (with Mommy's help)
--Wanting to carry the stroller up the stairs (with Daddy's help)
--Wanting to hold her brother ALL. BY. HERSELF

Barrett doesn't know it just yet but he has the BEST big sister. She is totally smitten with him and she wants the best for amazing to see her sweet heart in action.
Thank goodness that God gave me such a beautiful, sweet, big helper!

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