Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

We didn't really have any big plans for this weekend. Jason was on call so we knew it would be a girl filled weekend!
Saturday morning started like most of our weekend mornings do...with a little crafting session. We decided to make a few trees with some fingerprint leaves. Amelia loves to paint but any chance to get her fingers in the paint is a success in her book. Sister girl has mad painting skills!
Our town had an arts festival down main street on Saturday and we knew that we'd like to go and look around. Once Amelia woke up from her nap, we loaded up the stroller and walked into town. We don't live that far away but I guess it was far enough for my body to start responding with a few contractions. I might have walked a total of 3 miles...nothing crazy but enough to cause a little concern with the contractions.
The weather was so nice and the vendors were full of fall decorations that it really got me into the fall mood. Amelia loved walking from tent to tent to see what each vendor had to offer.
Once we enjoyed a late lunch and browsed all the vendors, we started our walk back home. During the walk back home, I really started noticing that my contractions weren't letting up. They were consistent (every 2-3 minutes) and there were some that were so strong that I'd have to stop walking and breath through them.
We decided it would be best if we went to the hospital to get monitored, just in case. We loaded up the car with everything we thought we might need if we were staying to have the baby. Jason was in the middle of a surgery so I paged him to let him know of the game plan.
I didn't think I was in labor but I wanted to make sure that Barrett was contractions were making it difficult to feel him move so I had a bit of a freak out moment. Once I got to the hospital, they hooked me up to the monitor and we could immediately see that everything with Barrett looked great.
They were a little bit concerned with me because I was severely dehydrated and my blood pressure was on the high end. They monitored me for about two hours and then decided that my "labor" signs were due to dehydration and I wasn't in active labor.
They sent me home with orders to collect my urine (looking for protein) for 24 hours and to monitor my blood pressure. Someone liked to take her pressure too!
We also had to make Amelia's big sister shirt a top priority because she might need to wear it sooner than later. I cut out the letters but my mom stitched them on and we finally got it finished. I can't wait to see her in it...she's going to look adorable!
Since I had to drink so much water and do a bunch of collecting, our Sunday was pretty relaxing. We made a big pot of potato soup, hot rolls and apple crisp and tried to relax as much as possible.
One more week until my due date...I have a feeling I might be working from home a good bit this week.

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