Monday, September 9, 2013

York Fair 2013

The York Fair is something that we look forward to each September. Not only is the fair the oldest fair in the country but it's close to our house and it has a good mixture of food, rides and sights to see.
A co-worker of mine invited us to the fair our first couple of months in Pennsylvania and now it's a little tradition that we have kept alive with the family.
The first thing we did when we got to the fair was visit a food vendor. We wanted to try a pumpkin funnel cake and it just so happened that it was right by the entrance.
I'll have to admit, I was a little hesitant to try something other than the normal funnel cake, but the pumpkin funnel cake with glaze and cinnamon/sugar did not disappoint. I think at this stage, food in general, does not disappoint.
After we ate the funnel cake, Amelia's attention immediately went to the carousel. The carousel was  right beside the funnel cake vendor so after seeing her light up with excitement, Jason made sure to get her/him a few tickets.

I could have taken pictures of them on the carousel all day long...their smiles were priceless!

After the ride, we walked up and down all the aisles, played some fun games and explored as much of the fair as our legs would allow.
The sun was intense during times so when things got too hot and miserable, we headed indoors to the air conditioned animal barn. They had a birthing center where you could see animals that had recently or were about to deliver. I had a few people that commented to me to "look the other way" or try to discourage me from watching the birthing videos. I guess they knew that my time for delivery is rapidly approaching. Amelia loved going around and looking at all the animals. She's getting so good at making her animal sounds with the appropriate animals so she did a lot of "noise" making to the animals.
Once we left the animal barn, we were walking back to the entrance of the fair and Amelia wanted to fly. Jason and I were holding Amelia's hands, counting to 3 and then lifting her in the air. During one of the lifts Jason said that he felt her arm/wrist/shoulder pop. Amelia started crying and refused to move her arm, hand or fingers. Cue a major medical freak out from Jason. We passed the carousel one last time and we thought that if we put her on then she might forget about her arm and we could calm down our nerves a little bit. Nannie decided she would go with her so we could stand on the side and wave our arms like crazy people to see if she would wave back all crazy at us.
She wouldn't really move her arm much once she got it on the pole but she was all smiles when she passed by us each time! I really wanted to get a family picture to compare this year to the years in the past but with all the drama, a picture was the last thing on my mind. The drive home was pretty rough. Lots of tears and no movement so we made a game plan to visit the emergency room to get it checked out. I think that 40 minute drive was torturous for Jason...he literally made himself sick worrying about her. Once we got home, I wanted to try one last thing to see if she would move it. I really didn't want to go sit in the emergency room so I wanted to make sure that she really had something going on.
We got out her purple car, took it down to the sidewalk and encouraged her to "dive" around on the sidewalk. She immediately started turning the steering wheel, honking her horn and giving high 5s to her daddy. I think we both sighed a huge sigh of relief when we saw that she had full motion and she wasn't crying in pain. HALLELUJAH! 
We both agreed that we'll no longer be doing the crazy lift, swing motion with her again!
The fair was such a good time, I hate that it ended in a frenzy, and we're already looking to go back next year with the kids! 

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