Monday, October 7, 2013

49th Annual National Apple Festival

The apple festival is something that we've done every year since we moved to Pennsylvania. We usually go the second weekend in October but Jason will be out of town so we had to go the first weekend this year. Ohmygoodness. It was 85 degrees outside, which was SO miserably hot, and because we went opening day, the amount of people was a little on the crazy side. Last year we were bundled up and still freezing and this year we were so hot we couldn't cool down.
The festival is in the middle of the country. You park in big fields, get taken to the festival in school buses and then walk through the festival, which also happens to be in the middle of huge fields.
Amelia loved the fact that we got to ride on a school bus...she was like a kid in a candy store. Her smile couldn't have been any bigger and seeing her sitting beside her daddy and having the wind blow through her hair, was priceless. I wish I could have gotten a picture but our hands were so full of things that we put in the stroller (stroller had to be folded up and stored on the back of the bus), that a picture wasn't an option.
Once we got through the crazy lines, we headed for the tractors and the apple butter. Amelia was amazed with all the old setups and Jason loved showing her things.
We did our best to make Barrett as comfortable as possible in his stroller. He was such a little trooper!
We explored all the different apple avenues, apple ways and apple boulevards; ate one of the best open pit beef sandwiches; made a fall craft; just tried to enjoy the day as a family.

We lasted at the festival for a measly 3 hours before we waved the white flag and decided to call it a day. Both the kids did awesome...not a meltdown!  I wish I could say that for the adults. We tried to keep a positive attitude but it was hard!
We weren't in the car for five minutes and both of the little ones were out and they slept the whole way home....hip hip hooray. 
This weather has been so crazy...fall weather in the middle of the summer and summer weather in the middle of fall.
I'm so glad that we kept up with our apple festival tradition, got us some apple/pumpkin butter to last us until next year and took our big first family outing!

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