Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Day In The Life

I've seen posts in the blog world that document a day and what is done throughout the day. I know one day it will be fun to look back and see but dang, it was so time consuming.
So here we is a look into our Wednesday, October 9th.

2:47am- Barrett woke up from his midnight feeding roaring to go.  Nannie changed his diaper while I got my pumping things ready.  I nursed Barrett and then pumped for fifteen minutes. During the pumping time, he had a blowout which resulted in poop getting all over the carpet.  After pumping, I had to spray carpet cleaner on the carpet and do a little scrubbing. 
3:55am- Headed to bed with both kids asleep.
5:15am- Kissed Jason goodbye as he headed out for work.
6:15am- Woke up, nursed Barrett, changed his diaper and did a little more scrubbing on the carpet stain. 
7:00am- Made oatmeal for myself and Nannie. 
7:14am- Pumped for fifteen minutes while simultaneously eating my breakfast. 
7:30am- Shampooed the carpet in the living room.  I didn't want the yellow, acidic poop to stain our carpet. 
7:40am- Amelia woke up. I immediately changed her diaper while Nannie made her breakfast (chocolate milk, toast and a banana). 
7:50am- Went to brush my teeth before a nurse from the hospital came over as part of our research for the hospital. Amelia came in to get me to tell me she had to go potty.  Successful pee pee on her potty!  
8:00am- The trash truck came by as the research nurse pulled in the driveway.  Both got Amelia really excited. Barrett is now added to the research project that we started with Amelia when she was born.
8:35am- Nurse left the house after some weight and height measurements and some paperwork. Barrett was 9 lbs. 15 oz (50%) and 23 inches long (25%). Nursed Barrett and when he was done changed both the kiddos diapers. 
8:55am- Nannie started boiling some eggs for our lunch salads and we headed down stairs to get some laundry done, some clothes ironed and to start packing Jason's suitcase.
9:15am- Finally got Barrett settled in his bouncy seat and Amelia occupied with a puzzle.  Turned on the DVR to Hart of Dixie. 
10:25am- Finished up downstairs so came back upstairs.  Changed both of the kids diapers and Amelia said she had to go potty again. We ran to the bathroom and she went poo poo on the potty. We all did the happy dance and cheered. 
10:55am- Made lunch (leftover chicken, veggie straws and jello for Amelia and spinach salad for Nannie and myself). 
11:15am- Nursed Barrett. 
11:30am- Put on a roast in the crock pot for dinner. 
11:45am- Rocked Amelia to sleep for nap time while mom sat beside Barrett to make sure he didn't cry and wake up her up. 
12:00pm- Laid Amelia down in bed with her fan turned on high and her three blankets in her crib. 
12:02pm- Grabbed some animal crackers for a snack and started pumping.  Pumped for fifteen minutes. 
12:30pm- Laid down in bed for a nap. 
1:06pm- Woke up to a frantic and upset little girl.  I guess a 30 minute nap is better than nothing.  
1:15pm- Changed both the kids diapers, bathed Barrett (diaper rash issues require frequent baths) and got them bundled up and ready for a walk. 
1:39pm- Finally got everyone dressed and ready for their walk. Barrett slept in his stroller and Amelia pulled her suitcase to the corner before she got tired and sat by her brother in the stroller. 
2:45pm- Made it back to the house. Changed Barrett's diaper, nursed him and then put him in his swing so I could get Amelia an afternoon snack. We decided on popcorn and oranges. 
3:40pm- Barrett acted super hungry after some tummy time so we nursed again. 
4:00pm- Prepared the brussel sprouts for dinner and threw them in the oven. 
4:30pm- Pumped for fifteen minutes and checked in on Facebook and Instagram. 
4:40pm- Got a call from Jason saying he got off work early. Brussel sprouts are finished so I take them out of the oven.  
4:50pm- Jason walks in the front door and Amelia is so excited.  These two wrestle and play while I get the burgers seasoned and the macaroni boiling. The roast didn't get cooked in time for dinner so we went with another option.  
5:30pm- Dinner is ready and we all sit down to eat while Barrett naps in his bed. 
6:00pm- Barrett wakes up and is hungry.  I nurse him while Nannie cleans up from dinner and Jason plays with Amelia. 
6:45pm- Jason gets Amelia in the bath while I get her pajamas out and her room picked up and ready for bedtime.  
7:50pm- Amelia acts ready for bed and requests Jason to rock her. Nannie holds Barrett on the couch and I get a few things done (blog, flight check in for Jason)
8:30pm- Still rocking Amelia.  Jason hates to put her to bed when she isn't completely asleep. Since he will be gone for a week with work he didn't want to have her go to bed crying.  Barrett is still sleeping in Nannie's arms and I've started typing up this blog. 
8:45pm- Amelia is finally in bed and we can start getting Barrett ready for bed.  
8:55pm- Change Barrett's diaper, put him in his swaddle and try to nurse him.  He's so tired that he doesn't nurse long before falling asleep.  I lay him down in bed and start pumping.  I pump for fifteen minutes and put my milk in a bottle just in case he wakes up hungry before I have time to build up my milk. 
11:47pm- Barrett wakes up.  Time for a diaper change and a nursing session.

Disclaimers ( I might have forgotten some of these things throughout the day):
Barrett eats every 2.5-3 hours unless he's in the middle of a really good nap. 
I pump every 5-6 hours for 15-20 minutes.
Nannie is a huge help with both the kids. If I'm holding/feeding/rocking one of them, then she has the other one.

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