Friday, October 25, 2013

Back To Work

The time has come (almost) for me to go back to work. How is it possible that six weeks has gone by so fast?? 
I'm sure most of you read six and thought I put the wrong number in the sentence but I didn't. You read correctly. 
After going back and forth with the pros and cons, we decided that if I felt up to it then I could return back to work after six weeks. I know there are a lot of people that have no choice but to return to work after six weeks so I am extremely blessed that I could weigh out the different options and make the best decision for our family. 
When Amelia was born, I took eight weeks of maternity leave and it was more difficult than I could have imagined to leave her that first day. I honestly think it would have been easier on me to go back to work around the six week mark because those last few weeks she started smiling and interacting a lot more and the guilt of leaving her increased with each smile or squeeze of my finger. BUT, as most of you know, the situation is a little different with Barrett. 
My mom lives with us now and she is here to help out with the kids (thank goodness for her help). Just knowing she will be the one looking after the kids when we are at work and when the kids aren't at Ms B's is comforting. This was one of the main reasons why we even started talking about me going back early.
Another reason that an early return was considered was a trip home. Jason has vacation the week before Thanksgiving and we purchased tickets for the family to fly home months ago, non-refundable tickets. I calculated my due date and figured that this trip home would be in my eight week maternity leave. Well since our little guy decided to come early, that trip was no longer in my maternity leave and I would have to cash in my vacation/personal days for that trip home. Boo!!
We talked about the different options and since my work only pays 60% of my salary for four weeks AND because Barrett (and Amelia) will be in great hands when I go back, we decided it would be best for the family for me to go back at six weeks. I would be accumulating more personal days and I will get a paycheck before heading on vacation and both of these are needed for the family. 
Did I mention Jason will be celebrating his 30th birthday in Missouri?!  That extra paycheck will come in handy, very handy!!

So there you have it...this mama will be back at work this Wednesday. Some days I dread going back because I'm getting in some great quality time with the kids and other times I can't wait to get back at the office. Establishing a new routine will take a little bit since we just got into a routine but once we do, I think we will all be okay. 

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