Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Birthday Party Fun

On Sunday, Amelia went to her first birthday party for her friend, Beau. Beau celebrated turning ONE at a fun fall market with pumpkins, a petting zoo, hay slides and mazes and a hayride.
Amelia had so much fun running around and exploring the farm and all that it had to offer.
She wanted to go down this huge slide by herself but after seeing how fast other kids were coming down the slide, Jason decided he would go down with her. Hearing them scream and come out the other end like a rocket was so funny. Their smiles were priceless!

They had animals that you could feed beans, kale and apples to, so after we played on the slides and the other fun things, we headed to the direction of the animals. The very first animal we came to were the pigs and they were HUGE. They were about 600 pounds each and they were hungry! They started fighting over the apples that were being tossed their way and Amelia freaked out. The squeals, the chasing and all the commotion was enough to make our little girl run in the opposite direction.
She still gets a little freaked out when we start talking about the pigs and their big teeth...she immediately searches for my phone and finds the pig picture to tell Nannie all about the mean pigs.
Once we fed all the animals, it was time for the hayride to the pumpkin patch. We got to get a pumpkin as a party favor..such a great idea.
I thought she would be a little nervous on the hayride because we sat up front and the tractor made a lot of noise but she loved it. She was clapping and dancing on her daddy's lap. If you haven't been able to tell, she was a daddy's girl at the party. She wanted her daddy to help her do everything!

Amelia had a hard time deciding which pumpkin she wanted to take home. There were so many pumpkins that were just her size that it was a little overwhelming for her. She was running from pumpkin to pumpkin and wanting to bring them all home.
We finally found the perfect pumpkin and we headed back to animals, back to the party and back to Nannie and Barrett.
Once we got back, we wanted to take Amelia back over to the animals so we could give them one more try. She loves animals and we didn't want her to have a bad thought of them for future petting zoo experiences. I'm glad that we gave it another try because she loved the baby goats...the mama goat, not so much, but the babies were a hit!!

There were so many kids and so many fun things for Amelia to do that it was the perfect first birthday experience for her. She was literally like a kid in a candy store!

We got on the road before we got a chance to enjoy some birthday cake so we made sure to enjoy a whoopie pie on the drive home.
We had such a great time helping Beau celebrate turning's definitely a place that we will be considering for Barrett's first birthday. Perfect for kids, fall and fun!

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