Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Changes And Good Habits Update

While Jason was gone last week, we (myself and my mom) had a few things that we wanted to work in with the kids. You can find that post here.

Task One:
Break Amelia's bedtime bottle.
If I would have known it would have been such a smooth transition, then we would have broken it a long time ago. She asked and whined for a bottle the first couple of times she went to bed but did really well. We told her that only babies drink out of bottles and she gets to drink out of a cup because she is a big girl and she seemed okay with that answer. 

Task Two:
Create a new bedtime routine for Amelia that doesn't include rocking her into a deep sleep before laying her down. 
This one wasn't so cut and dry and to this day we are still tweaking our routine so it fits our family and it fits Amelia. We started out with five nights of turning the lights down low, reading three books and immediate putting her in her bed WIDE awake. This resulted in a ten minute scream, crazy kicks on the side of the bed, and one wile tantrum.  Not pretty! We decided to change things up a bit after our first attempt seemed to be backfiring on us. We are currently turning down the lights, reading a book and getting her drowsy before laying her in bed. Once we put her in bed, we either rub her back or her hair, tell her we love her and walk out.

Task Three:
Get Barrett out of his bassinet and into his crib in his room.
This was another task that went better than we expected and we're so glad that we made the change when we did. Thank goodness for a video monitor because the first night, the video was being viewed A LOT. The hardest part about the transition was, and still is, his preferred sleeping position. He does not like to be swaddle with his hands in but he still startles so easily. We finally started swaddling him but leaving his arms out and he does a lot better with falling asleep and not fighting against the swaddle.

Task Four:
Getting Amelia back into the routine of a daily nap.
At school, Amelia no longer sleeps in her crib during nap time and she has been doing great. We decided to keep the same schedule and routine that she has at school on the days when she is home. We've really been surprised with how well she is doing with this routine. Some days she will even ask to lay down and it has been AMAZING. We still have had a few days that she whines when we say it's nap time but she has been making great strides! Right now, we lay out her princess couch, turn on the classical music and I run her back until she falls asleep. Most days she sleeps 1.5-2 hours and it's so nice!

Task Five ( isn't one we are really pushing on Amelia but encouraging):
Working with Amelia to go to the bathroom on the big girl potty
She's still so young and I don't think she fully understands but on a good day, Amelia will have only one or two wet diapers. She says, 'potty' and we run her to the bathroom and cheer her on. Some days we make it in time and other days we are a little bit too late. Either way, she gets praise and encouragement. We've started a sticker chart that is hanging on the dishwasher that she gets to add a sticker to once she has a successful trip on the potty. Sometimes stickers that were earned get pulled off and worn throughout the house because the sticker she put on the chart is one of her favorites...HA. Like I said, she doesn't fully understand how the sticker chart really works.

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