Monday, October 14, 2013

Changes And Good Habits

We started making some changes and initiating good habits yesterday. Jason left for San Francisco and I saw a small opportunity to tackle a few things on our "to-do" list.
Jason is more of the "softer" personality when it comes to the kids, especially Amelia, so we are going to try to break some habits with sister while he's gone. 

1.  When I delivered Barrett and stayed the one night in the hospital, our great little sleeper saw an opportunity to turn into a girl that fights sleep.  We've been rocking her, giving her small bottles and making sure she is 100% asleep before putting her to bed and its exhausting. She's way to old to be taking bottles but seeing her brother with one created drama that we didn't think we wanted to tackle right after Barrett came home.  We didn't want to her to associate the baby with everything getting taken away from her so we were a little more relaxed with certain things....sleep and bedtime bottles being one of them. 
----We started a new routine on Thursday evening.  After bathtime we now read three books, get a small drink of water, say our prayers and lay down in bed AWAKE. She's responding better than I thought she would but she still cries for about ten minutes before falling asleep.  Hoping each night gets a little better and when Jason gets home, we have a new big girl bedtime routine and it feels so good.
2. Barrett has been sleeping in his bassinet in the living room into his room and in his crib. Originally, he started out in the living room because it was just easier. Being in the chair or on the couch (within an arms reach) was good for those first couple of weeks. Now that he's starting to sleep for more than two hours at a time, it was time for a new routine.
----We started him in his room in Thursday evening.  He sleeps really good, when he sleeps, but he fights against his swaddle and it takes longer to get him back to sleep then we would like.  Still working with him and trying to find the perfect sleeping position for him but he's in his room and in his crib so that's a step in the right direction.
3. Nap time is a time of day that I used to look forward to but here lately, Amelia is pushing boundaries and seeing if she can skip nap time. 
At school she naps on her couch and Ms. B says she does really good so I've been torn between letting her nap on her couch and putting her in her crib.
 ----We started enforcing a nap or quiet time for an hour each day. The first couple of days were rough but she slowly has responded so well. She has been napping on her couch and it has been so nice.

With two little ones, change was necessary. Change is never easy but these changes were definitely needed so we can start creating good habits!

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