Thursday, October 31, 2013

Colic Versus Acid Reflux

Around 3 weeks old, we noticed a change in Barrett's cries and the amount of time that he cried throughout the day. He was eating like a champ, putting on weight like a pro, going to the bathroom just fine so we were at a loss as to why he would be so fussy. We started searching online and found that the number one suggestion to his fussiness was colic.
He didn't cry at a certain time every was more like a constant fuss or cry throughout the days and nights. Some kids experience colic this extreme but most cases show children that are fussy at the same time every day for a period of 3-12 months, starting as early as birth. He didn't really fit this mold but we didn't really know what else it could be so we just assumed he had the worst case of colic.
At my 6 week post-partum, which was yesterday, I learned that he had all the symptoms of acid reflux. My nurse that checked me in also happened to be a lactation consultant (thank you Jesus) so when she started talking to me about Barrett, I expressed concern because he fusses all the time.
I listed out some of his symptoms to her:
-arching his back during feedings
-pulling away from my nipple or the bottle and then wanting to eat again almost immediately after pulling way but acting like he was super frustrated or in pain
-prefers his stomach over his back
-cries/screams when he burps

She said that he was a classic acid reflux case and that I should call my pediatrician immediately for an appointment and some medicine. I totally ruled out acid reflux because he doesn't spit up. I thought that babies that spit up a lot after feedings had acid reflux but I was wrong. My little man has been so fussy because he has a bad case of heartburn and every time he eats, he experiences pain. The milk soothes his esophagus, temporarily, so that explains why he is always acting hungry and also why he is putting on so much weight. The only way that we've been able to calm him down is to feed has been so sad!
We started the medicine yesterday afternoon and the doctor said to allow 5-7 days to see a change. I'm praying that the medicine works and our little guy gets feeling better. Along with the medicine we are also shrinking down the amount of milk that he gets in a bottle (smaller, more frequent feedings), having him sleep on his mattress at an incline, sitting him up for 15 minutes after feedings and giving him extra love and snuggles to help ease his pain.
I'm hoping that his medicine does wonders for our little guy and we can get him feeling better before our trip home in a couple of weeks.

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