Friday, October 18, 2013

Daddy Is Home!

Daddy came home early Wednesday morning after taking the red-eye from California late Tuesday night. We made sure to paint him a welcome home banner...Amelia was so excited to make the banner and hang in on the TV.
We showered, got dressed and headed to the airport. Amelia was so excited to leave the house and go see Daddy. She made sure that she was dressed for the special occasion...4 bracelets were a must (thanks to raiding Mommy's jewelry box).
Jason's flight arrived 15 minutes early but couldn't get to the gate because they didn't have enough people staffed to unload two planes simultaneously. Thank goodness for the escalators at the airport because we went up and down about 20 times while we were waiting. Amelia loved riding the moving was like a mini amusement park.
Finally, we got the text that he was on his way. The second that Amelia saw her daddy coming down that hallway, she jumped out of my arms and took off running and screaming for her daddy. She looked like a little E.T, but cuter!
I wish I would have gotten a picture or a video but I didn't have time...she's a pretty quick little runner.
Daddy pulled out a surprise for his little girl, a trolley train, and she was so happy. She has been in love with trains here lately so a trolley was the perfect gift from his San Francisco trip.
 These two are so adorable together...they are both smitten with each other. The kisses that Daddy has been getting have been crazy since Wednesday morning...we all missed him so much!

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