Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In Three Weeks...

It's crazy how much a person can learn in three are just a few things that I've learned over the past 21 days.

  • Your heart grows double, instantly, when you welcome your second child into the world. 
  • We need to purchase stock in Pampers...IMMEDIATELY!
  • The amount of laundry is ridiculous! We've gone through so many outfit and crib changes that our washing machine only gets a break during the night.
  • The reason for all the outfit changes could have something to do with the fact that this Mommy didn't know that little boys need "adjusted" before securing the diaper. Little pee streams shoot straight up unless directed otherwise. 
  • Nursing is NO fun for the first two weeks and then overnight, it becomes the most bonding/loving action.
  • Showers are like an extended weekend and baths are like a vacation. Both are awesome but don't happen everyday like I would prefer. YIKES
  • Our house lost a few hundred square feet once the bassinet, swing, bouncy seat and all the accessories were piled into our living room. 
  • Patience is something that is a work in progress. Having a 20 month old that wants to read a book on your lap at the same time that a 2 week old wants to nurse is enough to make any grown adult go a little crazy.
  • I lose my temper more than I would like to admit. The lack of sleep combined with everyday life causes me to raise my voice and act like a fool more than I should.
  • Baby snuggles, regardless of the baby's age, are precious. Any chance I get to snuggle one of my babies, I take it.
  • Indulging in more than one caffeinated beverages might be good for energy levels but definitely not for the baby that needs to sleep at night. 
  • Getting out of the house is a necessity for one's sanity. Germs and large crowds don't intimidate like they did with the first baby.
  • Drunk milk smiles melt our hearts...they make late night feedings so much more enjoyable.
  • A sister's love for her baby brother is amazing to watch. She's constantly showering him with kisses and hugs and the occasional, accidental head bonk.

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