Tuesday, October 1, 2013

iPhone Photo Dump

We rarely get out our good camera for pictures these days...it's too hard to juggle a camera, a phone, a diaper bag, two kiddos and everything else that we need. We always have our phones on us so we've accumulated a lot of pictures. I needed to put the pictures somewhere so today, it's photo dump day!

Amelia is obsessed with these hand-me-down Dora pajamas. She doesn't watch Dora but she has a Dora book and I guess that is where she is getting her obsession from. The other day I needed to run a quick errand and Amelia came along for the excitement. I've always been told to "pick my battles" with a toddler so this was one battle that I didn't win. Amelia got to wear her Dora pajamas to the store...we went three days straight in these pajamas, only to take them off when it was time to wash them.
Jason came home one day after work and Amelia drug out her fingernail polish. She always goes for the sparkles and she asked that Daddy paint her nails. I was able to get a picture of this...so sweet. I later asked Jason, "did you think that you'd ever paint your little girl's toenails?" and he replied, "I'd do anything for our little girl."
The other day I had Barrett laying down where he could look out the window at the sunlight and I guess Amelia came over to him without me noticing and gave her brother a special love offering. I love little signs that Amelia has been near her baby brother.
Here was Amelia (1 hour after her nails were painted) blowing on her polish so it would dry. She's in her big sister shirt because we did pictures with Danielle for Barrett's first photo shoot. We are doing monthly photo shoots with him like we did with Amelia.
I love babies in their cuddled up, butt in the air sleeping positions. Don't worry...he doesn't get to sleep on his belly when we aren't around to watch him so during the day, he gets to nap on his belly.
Nannie and two of her grand-babies. I don't know what I would do without her help...it has been a God send! The Dora pajamas are still on...no judging!
Fall is in the air so we put away our summer clothes and got out our fall/winter clothes. I love skinny jeans on my girl...so stinkin' cute! Notice the hair bow?!  We are trying to manage her crazy hair but she isn't too excited about leaving them in. They stay in for 2 minutes and then she pulls them out. Anyone have any pointers on how to get a 19 month old to leave bows in her hair when she hasn't ever wore a bow?
We assembled our double stroller this weekend and someone was beyond excited to share a stroller and to sit beside her brother. Brother was equally as thrilled, can't you tell?!  Yes, the Dora pajamas are STILL on.

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