Friday, October 11, 2013

Missing Daddy

Jason left early Thursday morning for a week long conference in San Francisco and we were all dreading it.
Jason was pretty upset loving on his little ones before heading to the airport but bear hugs from his little girl helped him!!
Unfortunately, his flight was delayed two hours and he didn't get in to San Francisco until  6:00pm. He spent 12 hours in an airport...he was exhausted and frustrated with the airline company by the time he finally landed and got settled into his hotel.
A couple days leading up to Jason leaving, we made crafts and paintings for him to open each day while he's gone.  He will love having something every day that the kids made for him and counting down the days until we get to give him more bear hugs.

The time zone is really hurting our communication right now because we only have a small window where we can talk and where he can Face Time him with the kids. His days are so packed with conferences, meetings, breakfasts/dinners that he's got a very small window for himself. He enjoys talking to me but he misses seeing/talking with Amelia and Barrett.

In other news...Saturday is a light day for him and all of his "work" so his dad and step-mom are going to drive up and spend the weekend with him. They live around the LA area so it will be a nice getaway for them and it will give Jason some great one-on-one time.

 Hurry up, Wednesday!  We miss our daddy and we can't wait to go and pick him up from the airport!

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