Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Monthly Photo Shoot: Newborn

If you've read our blog very long, then you'll know that a young photographer took monthly pictures of Amelia to build up her portfolio and we couldn't resist getting monthly pictures of our girl or her prices. We decided to do the same thing with Barrett and here are the pictures that she was able to capture during his newborn shoot. We tried to get a few with Amelia but capturing two little ones proved to be a much more daunting task than we realized.
Here are the pictures of my little cuties...

We saw this adorable pose in a newborn book and we thought we would try it out...it didn't turn out how we saw it in the book. HA
Amelia loved being involved in the photo shoot, like seriously excited to be posed, but the poses just didn't come out like we thought. Making memories, right?!

I'm so in love with my two little munchkins...SO IN LOVE!

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