Sunday, October 20, 2013

Monthly Updates: Month One

It's amazing to introduce our family as "a family of four" or to say "our kids"!  its even better that we have been able to say these things for four weeks, a whole month!  
You are the greatest little addition to our family...the perfect missing puzzle piece that we didn't even realize was missing until you came along. Your big sister loves you to pieces!  Sometimes she gets so excited to see you that she literally tries to love you to pieces.  We are working on gentle, soft touches with her. 
We have loved having you in our arms these last four weeks...can't wait to see how much you grow and change in the upcoming days/weeks/months/years. 

Here are some special highlights for your FIRST month:

Weight: 11 pounds 2 ounces (86%)-weighed in on October 19th
Height: 23 inches
Clothing Size: Newborn and 0-3 months. Most newborn onesies have already been taken out of your drawers...they are too difficult to get over your head.  You're still wearing some newborn sleepers but those are on their last days as well. Clothes 0-3 months are a much better fit right now.
Diapers: Once we finished up with the newborn diapers we bought the next size up because we didn't want to have a whole case of diapers that were already starting to get snug. You are wearing Pampers Swaddlers size 1 right now. We went with Pampers instead of Huggies because your Daddy likes how the yellow stripe turns blue when you need a diaper change. It makes diaper changes a little more easier for your Daddy.
Funny story about your diapers during your first week--we didn't realize that we had to push/point down your private area before securing your diaper.  Every, I mean EVERY, diaper change resulted in an outfit change.  It was exhausting, especially during the night because you'd get really awake from us changing you that falling back asleep was a chore. We finally figured it out, thanks to our pediatrician, and haven't had a leaky diaper since.
Feeding: You LOVE to eat!  We introduced the bottle pretty soon after you came home from the hospital. Mommy is going back to work soon and you have to like the bottle, no questions asked. Right now you are eating every 2-2.5 hours (we're trying to hold you off closer to 3 hours but it's a struggle) and you'll either nurse or you'll take a bottle and Mommy will pump.
Hair/Eyes: Your hair isn't the longest on top but you do have a little bit more around the back of your neck. The color of your hair right now is light brown/dirty blond. Your eyes are the prettiest blue and they get more blue with each passing day.
Sleep: You are finally settling into a routine at night. Your bedtime routine starts with a bath around 7:30p and then bottle, swaddle around 8-8:30pm. You sleep from then until 11:30p/12:00a, wake up around 3:00a and then wake up again around 6:00a for the day. Some nights are better than others but I would say this is a pretty standard night. Some nights you only wake at 12:00a and 4:00a...those nights are great!
-You love your swing and the animals that circle above you
-You are starting to track when someone walks past
-Your favorite place to lay is on the couch with the curtains opened so the sun shines on you
-You love music (classical on Pandora or country on the TV)
-You love to ride (sleep) in the car and in your stroller
-You love to hold on to clothes, your blankets and your lovies

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