Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkin Carving Time

Jason's schedule is a little crazy (home from CA on Wednesday, late call on Thursday, night call Saturday and Sunday and then a month at a hospital over an hour away with trips home only on the weekends ) so we decided that the best time to carve out our pumpkins was Wednesday afternoon.
Amelia's little pumpkin was first to be carved and she loved getting her hands a little dirty and helping out.
Brother Bear joined in on the fun too. My mom had him bundled from head to toe because she didn't want him to get too cold. Goodness...I love having her help!  Such an answered prayer.
Once the pumpkins were done, she wanted to hold them and take a picture. She was so cute trying to carry around her pumpkin...I guess it was pretty heavy for her.
Lighting the pumpkins has been her favorite nightly activity. Once we finish with dinner and she sees that it's getting dark, we light the candles under the pumpkins. We leave our curtains open so we can watch them before bed. There is something so festive about a flickering candle in a freshly carved pumpkin...I love fall!
We had so much fun carving out our pumpkins this year!  Next year we'll have two sets of hands to help scoop out all the seeds.

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