Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Glow

Hershey offers so many fun things for families with small children and I love that Amelia is finally at the age where she will enjoy so many of these fun activities. This past weekend we attended the Pumpkin Glow event at the Hershey Gardens.
The gardens encouraged everyone to dress in costume, get generous amounts of candy and explore the grounds and the 100s of carved pumpkins. The event was from 6p-8p so we made sure to bundle up and make some hot cocoa for the walk. Barrett stayed home because we didn't think it would be a good idea to get him out in the night air.
We decided to just put a hot pink tutu on Amelia over her clothes so she still was in costume but was easier to bundle up and keep warm. How cute does she look?!  She was so excited to go to the gardens to go trick-or-treating.
The garden paths were only lit by small path lights and the pumpkins so we had to use our flashlight for most of the walk to make sure that we were staying on the path.
They had pumpkins floating in the pond, hanging from trees and sitting along the path. The pumpkins were hard to get pictures of but we managed to get a few.
At one spot, they even had a storyteller. She was animated and really good but we didn't stay and listen too long because it was so cold.
Right in the beginning was a carving station where you could watch a group of people carve out different sized pumpkins. They had all different kinds of tools to carve out their pumpkins and you could definitely tell that these pumpkins were made using all sorts of tools. Some of my favorite pumpkins were the ones that weren't carved all the way through but the pumpkin was so thin in certain areas that the light still shone through.
This kitten was one of Amelia's favorites because it has a mouse in its mouth and a bird in his belly. So cute and creative!
We had such a good time walking through the gardens and looking at all the pumpkins and getting candy.
Speaking of candy, the generous amount that was advertised was a little exaggerated. I think Amelia came away with 8-10 pieces of candy. She got one piece at each station that they were passing out at and she ate it before we made it to the next station.We were wanting to eat some of her candy along the walk but she was eating it so fast that we decided that we should save it for her. I guess that's a good thing since we are trying to limit our candy intake.
You'd think living in Hershey that there would have been a little more candy in her bag at the end of the night...oh, well! 

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