Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We had our first Trunk or Treat experience Friday night and by the smile on our girl's face and the amount of candy she got, I'd say it was a success.
There is a spouses organization, similar to what we had on the island, for residents and their families. This event was at a park in Hershey with a decent sized parking lot so all the cars could line up to pass out candy.
My mom offered to keep Barrett at home since the event was outside and it was windy and pretty chilly.  Jason got off early, since he was pre-call, and we figured a night out with Amelia would be great!  She needs some one-on-one time sometimes so she doesn't forget how special she is to our family!!
Since Barrett was born, the days have seemed to all merge together.  Well...I totally let Halloween slip my mind and didn't get costumes for the kids.  Barrett has a pair of pajamas with a skeleton on them and Amelia had a costume that her cousin gave her, so we went with that. Next year I'll do better, I promise!
We threw some Halloween decorations in the trunk of our car, along with some yummy snacks, and we headed to the park. Once we got there all the cars parked in a line and opened the backs of their cars.
We didn't put too much effort into decorating our trunk because we were running late. Thank goodness for Nannie because she threw some decorations we weren't using in our trunk and it was perfect for the event.
At first our little zebra girl didn't know what to think about all the kids running around. It didn't take too long for her to realize that each car had candy and all she had to say was "trick or treat" and she got candy in her bag.
She would walk up to the cars, say "treat" and hold out her bag like she was a candy collecting professional.
We walked through the car lineup two times so by the end of the evening, her bag was full of all kinds of goodies.
We had such a fun night with our little zebra!  I love that she's old enough to take trick-or-treating and to see the excitement on her face when she realizes that she's part of the big girl's club!
Here is our little family (minus one) at the truck or treat. I'm pretty sure that Amelia had just shoved a Milky Way in her mouth right before we took this picture...HA!
We have two more nights of trick-or-treating fun (next Saturday and Halloween night) and I know a little girl that is going to be so excited to walk around and get more candy. Depending on the weather, maybe Barrett can get in on the action a little bit too.

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