Thursday, November 7, 2013

Acid Reflux...A Week Later

The first time I think we really noticed a change was about three days after we started the medication. He was more content throughout the day, he seemed to enjoy eating a little bit more and settled down for naps and bedtime a little easier. He began to coo, smile and interact with his facial expressions and his movements. It was wonderful!
A couple of days after, maybe day 5 of his medicine, we let time get away from us and we forgot to give him his morning dose of Zantec. My mom called me at work around 2pm and said he was super irritable and he acted like he could eat all day long. She figured out that we forgot about his medicine that morning so he was probably experiencing some burning sensation and eating was the only thing that helped soothe his pain. We immediately gave him his medicine and got him back on track but the damage had been done. The acid had built up after those four bottles that he ate without having his Zantec.
The next couple of days were so was like we had to start back at the beginning of this process. He was inconsolable, he was in pain and he was miserable.
I called the doctor, explained to her that we had missed his "medicine window" by 6 hours and we paid for it over a two day period. Apparently, Zantec is a medication that has an immediate effect on the reflux and it doesn't prolong out through the day. She had a couple of new suggestions to try and get Barrett feeling better and back on track.

The new suggestions:
1-Bring in a stool sample. She told me to collect a sample with a plastic spoon and to bring it in to the office and they would check it for blood. Blood in the stool often means that he is milk intolerant and the milk that I consume could be hurting him.
2-Start a second medicine, Prilosec, that will heal his damaged tissue help make him less sensitive to the Zantec medication (if we miss it again).

Yesterday morning, I was able to get the sample taken and tested at the doctor's office and I was able to get his medicine from the pharmacy.
I know the above picture might gross EVERYONE out, including myself, but I posted it to show just how much I love my little man. True love is scooping out fresh poo out of your baby's diaper, placing it in a baggie and carrying it to the doctor's office in your purse.

Thank goodness that his sample came back CLEAN AND CLEAR. No blood, no bacteria and no intolerance to the milk protein. I can keep eating cheese and ice least for the time being.

He started his new medicine yesterday and he will be on it for 2-3 weeks as long as we are seeing some improvement. I'm determined that this medicine will help bridge the gap between the two other doses and get our little man feeling better.

We will reevaluate with the doctor in one week...praying that his tissue heals and we get our happy and content little boy back!

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