Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brain Dump

*We got our first snowflakes this week...the excitement on Amelia's face when she saw snow was priceless.
*I manage a team of counselors at the college that I work at and one of our online counselors came in for meetings all the way from Oregon. We went and painted pottery as we discussed our team, our strengths, our weaknesses and how we can improve our communication techniques. The best team meeting EVER!
*Barrett's belly button is still stuck out pretty good. Praying that it goes back on it's own so we don't have to take matters into our own hands. I love seeing the rolls in my little man's legs and his sweet little hand. I could stare at pictures of my kiddos all day long while I'm at work.
*I made Jason a camouflage cake this weekend in celebration of his birthday. Notice how some little finger decided to taste the icing on the cake before we got it cut...she was a fan of the cake!
*I love getting Amelia up from bed and seeing how crazy her hair is. I guess the real excitement is that her hair is finally long enough to get a little crazy after a good nights rest. Yippee!
*Barrett is a fan of his high chair. He loves being up and in the middle of the action in the kitchen. He is the cutest little man I've ever seen!
*Christmas is getting closer and I've started buying gifts. Hiding gifts from Amelia is a little bit more tricky than I thought. She has the best eyes and she can scout out a multi-colored box from the next room.

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