Monday, November 11, 2013

Celebrating With Taryn

Amelia's friend, Taryn, had her second birthday party yesterday and we had a blast. The party was at a sports complex that had a gymnastics area on one side and a large area with tunnels, slides and ball pits. Amelia is very shy when she is meeting new people for the first time so we are always excited to get her out and about so she can get better with warming up to people.
We started out the party on the gymnastics side and it was so much fun!  Parents got to play/jump much fun!
Amelia loved the trampolines!  She ran around like a crazy girl and then jumped up and fell on her bottom...over and over again!
There was also an area that she could jump off of into foam blocks. She was really hesitant until Jason jumped in and then she followed right in behind him.
There was also a preschool room off of the main gym that we took Amelia into for a little bit because we thought she might feel a little more comfortable. She enjoyed the room for a little bit but she wanted to get back out to the gym with the big kids when she figured out they were joining her in the room.

After about 45 minutes on the gym side, we switched locations. We headed over to the playhouse, the huge, 2-story playhouse. Imagine a McDonald's playhouse times ten!
The staff member working with Taryn's birthday party suggested that Amelia go through the playhouse with an adult because she might get scared the higher up she goes and the only way to get down is a couple of fast slides.

We went up with her but she kept saying, "mine" and she was determined to climb through all by herself. She didn't want any help climbing or going down the fast slides. Most of the kids Amelia's age were not comfortable going through the tunnels and squeezing through the nets...this girl knows NO fear!
We finished out the 2 hours of playing with some pizza and cake before we headed home. Seeing Amelia sitting at the table eating pizza, without cutting it in pieces, and drinking juice, without a straw, made us so proud and sad at the same time. Our little girl is growing up so fast...too fast!
I'd say that Amelia had a great time at the party. She wasn't in the car ten minutes and she was fast asleep.
For the record...I kept trying to fix her head but it didn't seem to do any good.
The smile on Amelia's face was priceless as we were exploring the gym. She had the best time celebrating with Taryn and playing with all her new friends. I think we might have to look into gymnastics for our little girl...she was in love!

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