Monday, November 25, 2013

Missouri Vacation-Part 1

Bright and early Saturday morning, we were driving to the airport. We counted down the days until our Missouri vacation and the time had finally arrived.  We were excited to get home, introduce Barrett to the family and show everyone how fast Amelia has grown since our last visit.

We couldn't sit in the same row with both kids because there weren't enough oxygen masks for two lap children so Jason and Amelia sat in the row in front of us. The flight wasn't full so Amelia got a seat all to herself...she thought she was big stuff! 
We had a short layover in Washington D.C. and then we landed in Missouri around 10:00am. Jason wanted to get in the woods (it was the opening day of deer season) so he had a friend come and get him from the airport. Once we got settled in our rental car, he was on the road and eager to get in his tree stand.
Mom, myself and the kids headed to my cousins house so I could pump, we could visit with my aunt, uncle and cousins, Amelia could play with her cousin and Barrett could stretch out a little bit before making the two hour drive to my sister's house
Stopping for a couple hours before making the drive was the perfect idea. Amelia LOVED playing outside with her cousin, Reid. She also found her love for battery-powered vehicles. Santa is now on a mission to find her one!

We got to my sister's house, unloaded our suitcases and spent the evening talking and loving on the babies! Jason's step-mom and aunt also flew in for a few days during our stay. Jason's brother lives in Alaska and him and his family were in Missouri during the same time as us so they flew to enjoy all the grandbabies at once, which is something that doesn't happen very often.
Since we don't come home very often and it's the holiday season, my mom set up 'Thanksgiving' lunch on Sunday afternoon. My grandparents, aunts, cousins and friends all made the trip to visit!
Grandma Sue and Great Aunt Diane came over early on Sunday morning to see the kids...they couldn't wait to get their hands on the little ones!
The day was filled with about 40 family members, lots of laughs and great fun. It was so good to see everyone and to show off the kids. A lot of my family members had never met Amelia so to introduce Amelia and Barrett was pretty awesome.

We had such a great time visiting with our family. It was so nice to have everyone under one roof...being in Pennsylvania has made us realize how important family truly is.

We were in bed pretty early that night. I think we were all exhausted from traveling and from our busy day with family.

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