Monday, November 25, 2013

Missouri Vacation-Part 2

Monday morning seemed like the perfect day for a trip to the park. With all the excitement from the previous day, Amelia needed a little downtime and the park sounded like the best option. My sister and nephew spent the night so they went along with us to the park.
When we left Missouri, our hometown did not have any one park that stood out from the rest. Now, only a couple years later, and they have a pretty awesome park. It was built so handicapped kids could enjoy the pleasures of a was pretty amazing.

It was a little too windy for Barrett so he spent most of his time in the car where it was nice and warm.
While we were at the park, we got a call from Jason. He killed a deer and he wanted to show us before he took it to get processed. We stayed at the park until we couldn't handle the cold wind any longer and then we met him at the house.
Jason was so proud...he wanted everyone to get a picture with him and the deer. Amelia did great until she realized that there was a deer in the truck and it wasn't alive.
After lunch we headed down to the Davault's house. They are like our second family and we were planning a 30th birthday party for Jason and we needed to go over some last minute details. While we were there, Amelia got to play with Jarrett. Jarrett is a couple years older than Amelia but she loved following him all around.
How sweet is this 'little brother'?!  Goodness...he's about as sweet as they come!
Tuesday was the day of the birthday party. He didn't want anything too crazy so we had a get-together will some old friends and the few family members that could attend and it was perfect.
Here we are just as we were getting ready to leave for the party...
I didn't get too many pictures at the party but the few that I did get are pretty good. Meme was able to come to the party...can you believe she is 90 years old?!  She wouldn't have missed Jason's party for the world and we're so glad that she is still able to get around well enough to get out and about.
We had such a great night, with only a few meltdowns (it was late), with some great people.
Both of the kids were asleep before we even made the first turn out of their house...that's what I call a successful night!

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