Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Missouri Vacation-Part 3

Wednesday morning was the day that we set aside to drive to see my grandparents and my dad. Since my dad's heart attack, he can't drive and it's difficult for him to travel so we decided to go to him. We knew we wanted him to see the kids while we were home and Wednesday looked like the best day in our crazy schedule. Jason had two interviews while we were home so he couldn't make the trip with us--thank goodness for Nannie because I wouldn't have been able to do it alone.
It was so great to see Barrett and Amelia with their great-grandparents. I'm so glad that they were able to meet them and shower them with love.

Amelia was so shy that they had to give most of their love to Barrett, which I don't think he minded one bit. I wish that I would have gotten a picture with both the kids with everyone!
My dad and step-mom got Amelia some of the cutest dress-up clothes for Christmas. Amelia hasn't really been into dressing up so I was surprised when she wanted to put everything on, including the high heel shoes, as soon as she opened up the box.
We stayed for a couple of hours and we were back on the road to see my other Grandpa, my mom's dad. He lives about 30 minutes away from my dad's parents and both the kids were exhausted from getting up early so they took a nap. Usually Amelia wakes up as soon as the car comes to a stop but she was so exhausted that I was able to carry her inside and lay her down without her waking up.
While Amelia slept, we had a yummy lunch and we introduced Barrett to Grandpa. So sweet!
I love this picture of everyone...HA!  Amelia was a little nervous of grandpa and the only way we could get her to get a picture was to get Daisy, the puppy, in the picture. I think Mom and Grandpa are in mid-sentence, Daisy is scared out of her mind, Barrett is just chilling and Amelia is grinning from ear to ear. It's the best we could do!  HA
Before we made the 2.5 hour drive home, we had to explore the chicken coop. Amelia thought that the chickens were pretty cool. My uncle built this coop, complete with a heater for them. It was pretty neat!
We made it back to my sister's house and we were determined to do NOTHING for the remainder of the evening and the rest of our time in Missouri. We all needed some downtime! 
We spent the rest of Wednesday evening lounging around in our pajamas and playing in the playroom. Amelia loved playing with all of the toys (and sitting on the Lego table).
Thursday we literally did nothing and it felt so good. Here are just a few pictures of our super exciting day...HA.

Friday was our last day in Missouri and we had a few last minute visits with Meme, Andrew, Holly and the kids. Before everyone got to the house, we took advantage of the hot tub. Amelia thought that the 'pool' was a lot of fun.
Here are a few pictures of the Conway kids spending the morning together. We even managed to get a group shot that turned out pretty good!

How cute are these two little munchkins?!  Amelia wanted a picture with her brother after the group shot and then later on in the evening when Barrett was doing tummy time, she wanted to help out.

Later Friday evening as we were eating dinner, our phone rang with a 1-800 number. Our airline sent out an automated call to inform us that our 9am flight was delayed 13 hours and wouldn't be flying out until 10pm on Saturday night. We immediately starting searching for another flight to jump on so we could get home at a decent time on Saturday. We really enjoy having Sunday at home so we can get ready for the work week so we knew we wanted to try to get home on Saturday. We finally managed to get on a 6am Saturday morning flight but the only catch was we had a 5 hour layover in Charlotte. Five hours could be pretty rough with two kids but we knew that was our only option.
We left my sister's house around 2am on Saturday morning, returned the rental car, went through security and made it to the gate on time for our 6am flight.
The kids were angels during the flight, during our layover and during our second flight. We seriously couldn't have had it any better.

We pulled into Hershey at 4:30pm on Saturday after a crazy, fun-packed week. It was so great to see everyone and to have a week back in Missouri but pulling into our house on Saturday felt really good. We were home and home never felt so good!
Maybe next time our family can come and see us....fingers crossed!

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