Friday, November 1, 2013

Things I Love

  • I love seeing my husband's handprints in our carpet, especially during the weeks where he's gone!  He does pushups every morning before he showers and he make imprints in the carpet. Just a little reminder of my man during crazy work weeks.
  • I love seeing my two kids together in one picture, regardless of their facial expressions. HA
  • I love early morning walks with my's our special time together!
  • I love when Amelia wants to do things like her Mommy, even pump a bottle for Barrett.
  • I love seeing Amelia baking and cooking with Nannie. I have such great memories cooking and baking with my Grandma so I love that Amelia is making similar memories.
  • I love watching Jason and Amelia during the bed time routine. You know it has been a long day when Amelia can't make it through her books.
  • I love to carry my baby...LOVE it!
  • I love sweet little baby yawns...adorable.
  • I love countdowns--only 53 more days till Christmas

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