Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a rest at home weekend because the next couple of weekends are packed with a lot of fun things. I went back to work on Thursday so after two days of work, I was ready to spend some time with my little ones.
Jason's grandpa made the drive from Pittsburgh this weekend...he wanted to come and see Amelia and Barrett before the weather got too cold and snowy to make the drive. Jason is still at the hospital in another town, and will be for another couple of weeks, so he didn't get home until 8pm on Friday evening. Poor grandpa was ready for some guy talk after spending 5 hours with the girls and a sleepy little boy.
Saturday morning started bright and early with me heading out to a Weight Watchers meeting. I've been pretty serious about losing this baby weight and getting healthy for the family. It's kind of nice to have a little bit of me time, even if it is 7am on a Saturday morning. On my drive, I noticed how beautiful the trees are right now. We were starting to wonder if the trees would even turn colors because of how late in the season it is but they didn't disappoint.
These pretty trees line the road all through the's a beautiful drive!
Saturday was pretty low-key. Grandpa came with some goodies for Amelia (a vanity) and Barrett (clothes) so we had one excited little girl and boy.
For dinner later that evening, we celebrated Jason's birthday. Technically his birthday isn't until the 13th but grandpa wanted to help him celebrate the start of a new decade. My man will be 30 in a few crazy! What's even crazier is that we've been together since he was 18!
You'll also notice that it's No Shave November and he's participating--partly for prostate cancer awareness and partly for hunting season.
Sunday was an hour longer, thanks to daylight savings time, and the kids actually transitioned fairly well. They both slept in until 6:30am and their naptimes weren't too big of an ordeal. How sweet is this little man?! He's starting to smile and coo...I tried to get a picture of him smiling but missed most of it. I did manage to get a cute little smirk with a super messy living room floor in the background.
We ended out our weekend with some quiet time which is something that doesn't really happen too much in the evenings at our house. Usually both kids are fussy and it's chaotic but last night was calm and quiet.

We were sad to see the weekend end because that means Jason will be gone until Wednesday night (he'll drive back to the hospital early on Thursday and come back on Friday evening for the weekend) and I have to go back to work (meetings in Philadelphia this week along with some other phone/Skype meetings) but the start of a new week means that our Missouri trip is getting closer!!

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