Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Amelia's First Haircut

First haircuts are suppose to be well-documented and they are suppose to be a rite of passage for any little one. Haircuts symbolize growth (in more ways that one). Babies don't get their hair cut, at least not my bald babies, but big girls and boys do. Haircuts are a big deal...first haircuts, at least.
Well, I decided that I was tired of looking at the few crazy long pieces of Amelia's hair that made her look really scraggly (not sure it that's a real word). Here is her scraggly hair during our trip to Bass Pro to see Santa this weekend...adorable but scraggly.
I'm not sure if I've admitted this on the blog before but sometimes I can be impulsive and last night was one of those times. I just couldn't help myself.
Did I go to cosmetology school?
Do I know better than to cut wet hair?
Did that stop me from cutting Amelia's hair, wet hair, in the bath?

Oh my word...she was so squirmy and I was so determined. I cut way too much hair off the front and then I freaked out and didn't cut anymore. I didn't get any pictures of the whole process because I was too busy with scissors in my hand. I should be ashamed to not have one single picture of my little lady's first haircut! Well I should really be ashamed for thinking I could cut her hair.
Here is the after picture..I tried to fan it back a little bit but it's so short it doesn't stay fanned back and it lays straight, which then makes my little girl look like a little Amish boy. OY!!

Who will pay attention to her hair when she smiles so big and pretty?! 
Jason was late yesterday so he didn't get home until all the excitement was over. I texted him and told him that Amelia had a makeover. He wasn't too excited but he didn't freak out as much as I thought he would.
As soon as we heard the garage door go up, I put her hat on her head so she could make her big reveal to her daddy. Haha...her face adds to the drama.
It took us almost 2 years to get a pretty decent amount of hair on her head so I'm hoping that the bangs grow out pretty fast but I'm not holding my breath.
Next time...Amelia's going to a licensed hair dresser and I'll be sure to get some great documentation!

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